“Our county attorneys are exploring our authorized choices” – WFTV

“Our county attorneys are exploring our legal options” – WFTV

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Lawyer Up: Employers must weigh choices on vaccine insurance policies

Lawyer Up: Employers need to weigh options on vaccine policies

Mahalo for helping Honolulu Star Advertisers. Enjoy this free story! Infectious disease experts and government health officials agree that we will not return to normal until we have full vaccination and herd immunity to COVID-19. For many employers, especially in industries where remote working is not possible such as retail, healthcare, and manufacturing, vaccinations are … Read more

Going through a Torrent-Associated Lawsuit? Know Your Authorized Choices

Copyright Law sign next to gavel; image by Nick Youngson, CC BY-SA 3.0, no changes, Alpha Stock Images.

If you are facing an infringement lawsuit, reach out to a reputable torrent lawyer to protect yourself from severe penalties. Is it about you You have been charged with torrenting and are facing an infringement lawsuit. Not sure how to save yourself from paying a heavy fine. Say you are facing an infringement lawsuit, consult … Read more

What’s the Proper Approach to Compensate Key Hashish Executives and Workers? With Inventory or Choices?

cannabis stock equity option employee officer

This is the time of year when cannabis entrepreneurs begin to scrutinize their year-end finances to see how profitable the company has been and whether and how their employees and other key people, along with the owners, should participate in that profit. Some marijuana and hemp employers do so with bonuses and others with equity … Read more