WV Legal professional Common opposes multi-billion greenback settlement with Purdue Pharma

WV Attorney General opposes multi-billion dollar settlement with Purdue Pharma

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey reiterated his opposition to the splitting of a multi-billion dollar deal with Purdue Pharma on Thursday. The Attorney General also welcomed the news that continued negotiations under the proposed settlement have resulted in pledges of more money and more accountability. “We still need more resources for West … Read more

‘I actually don’t know who I married’: Ex-wife of James Martin, lawyer convicted of sexually assaulting purchasers, opposes parole

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SPRINGFIELD – Seemed like a hook, a ripe choice for a young professional looking for a life partner: a handsome lawyer with an easy-going sense of humor, southern manners, and an eye for family education. But James J. Martin – ultimately convicted of sexually assaulting clients in the same courthouse where he served as a … Read more

Kendall County State’s Legal professional Opposes Provisions in Police Reform Invoice “ material/tncms/stay//Native Information”

Kendall County State's Attorney Opposes Provisions in Police Reform Bill " News"

Kendall County’s Attorney Eric Weis endorsed a statement from the Illinois State Attorney’s Association criticizing Illinois legislation for proposing a comprehensive criminal justice reform bill. Among the provisions that are being rejected by the district attorney is an amendment to the Illinois Murder Act to include coercive crimes. In a forced crime murder, anyone involved … Read more

Pence opposes Arizona GOP chair’s ‘flawed’ lawsuit over electors concern, lawyer says | Native information

Pence opposes Arizona GOP chair's 'flawed' lawsuit over electors issue, attorney says | Local news

The opposition is a crucial setback for Ward, who hoped for a swift and unconditional order from the judge to instruct Pence to decide which votes to count from each state where Trump allies claim the president won the referendum, despite the results in each of these states are certified for Biden. US District Judge … Read more

Hillsborough State Legal professional Opposes Proposed Price range Cuts

Hillsborough State Attorney Opposes Proposed Budget Cuts

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Florida’s economy is facing a potential budget deficit of approximately $ 2.7 billion for the 2021-2022 fiscal year. In response, Governor Ron DeSantis introduced a six percent annual budget holdback for law enforcement agencies, which includes offices of prosecutors and lawyers, according to Florida Bar News. What you need to … Read more