Attorneys name for ‘arrest, conviction and a protracted jail sentence’ after viewing video of Andrew Brown Jr.’s demise

Attorneys call for ‘arrest, conviction and a long prison sentence’ after viewing video of Andrew Brown Jr.’s death

ELIZABETH CITY, NC (WAVY) – Andrew Brown Jr.’s family members saw more of the body camera video from the raid in which he was killed by law enforcement on Tuesday. On April 21, Pasquotank County MPs shot him dead while serving a drug charge arrest warrant. Since then, there have been daily protests in Elizabeth … Read more

Waiver of Tort Is Lifeless, Lengthy Dwell Disgorgement (Perhaps)

The evolution of Vicarious Liability for intentional torts - Lexology

In Atlantic Lottery Corporation Inc. v Babstock[1] released on July 24, 2020, the Supreme Court of Canada unanimously held that “waiver of tort” was not a cause of action, and that this term was a misnomer that should not be used. In addition, the Court provided some guidance as to the availability of disgorgement as … Read more