China strips licence from second lawyer for ‘Hong Kong 12’ | Civil Rights Information

China strips licence from second lawyer for ‘Hong Kong 12’ | Civil Rights News

The US urges China to reinstate the licenses for Ren Quanniu and Lu Siwei, who represented pro-democracy activists from Hong Kong. A second Chinese lawyer representing a pro-democracy activist from Hong Kong was revoked to practice, which alarmed rights groups and the US condemnation. Ren Quanniu, who represented one of 12 Hong Kong activists who … Read more

Hong Kong Attorneys Navigate New Authorized Terrain Below Nationwide Safety Legislation | Voice of America

Hong Kong Lawyers Navigate New Legal Terrain Under National Security Law | Voice of America

HONG KONG – The aftermath of the 12 Hong Kong activists who fled the city and were detained in mainland China continued last week. Hong Kong attorney Daniel Wong Kwok-tung was released after 40 hours in police custody. 71-year-old Wong was arrested along with ten others for allegedly helping Hong Kong activists escape the city … Read more

Hong Kong authorities arrest lawyer, 10 others beneath nationwide safety regulation

Hong Kong authorities arrest lawyer, 10 others under national security law

Hong Kong police arrested a lawyer and 10 others on Thursday on suspicion of helping 12 Hong Kong activists escape the city, media reported. The new wave of arrests comes a week after 55 activists were arrested in Hong Kong in the biggest move against the democracy movement since Beijing passed a new national security … Read more

American lawyer arrested by Hong Kong police in nationwide safety crackdown | Hong Kong

Hong Kong police arrested an American lawyer under the city’s national security law, according to multiple sources, hours after authorities arrested dozens of pro-democracy activists as part of an all-out crackdown. John Clancey, chairman of the Asian Human Rights Commission and a member of a group affiliated with democracy protesters, was arrested when police raided … Read more

Ted Cruz’s Horrible Case for Preserving out Hong Kong Refugees –

Ted Cruz’s Terrible Case for Keeping out Hong Kong Refugees –

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas). On Friday, GOP Senator Ted Cruz blocked a bipartisan law that would have granted Hong Kong residents political asylum after they fled China’s increasingly oppressive rule. Primary writer Eric Boehm has an excellent article criticizing Cruz’s lame reasoning for his actions. Among other things, he points out that the same theory … Read more

Hong Kong courtroom extends the scope of jurisdictional gateway for tort dedicated abroad

The evolution of Vicarious Liability for intentional torts - Lexology

For the first time, the Hong Kong Court of First Instance dealt with the case law of the UK Supreme Court in Brownlie v Four Seasons Holdings Inc. [2018] 1 WLR 192 on the concept of “damage” in the gateway provision to appeal to the longstanding jurisdiction of the local court for unlawful acts outside … Read more