Attorneys search launch of GPD movies displaying earlier use of restraint that killed Marcus Smith | Information

Attorneys seek release of GPD videos showing previous use of restraint that killed Marcus Smith | News

On January 15, attorneys representing Marcus Deon Smith’s family filed a motion to compel Greensboro City to post Body-Worn Camera (BWC) videos of previous cases by Greensboro police officers using the type of restraint with which Smith was killed. The letter accompanying this request states that several officials named as defendants in the Smith family’s … Read more

Man shot, killed by Killeen police ‘wanted assist,’ says lawyer | Information

Man shot, killed by Killeen police ‘needed help,’ says lawyer | News

Civil rights attorney Lee Merritt posted a video showing the moments that led to the Killeen shootings on Sunday that resulted in the death of a Killeen man. Merritt also posted the late husband’s name, Patrick Warren Sr., in a tweet that included the video. “He was suffering from a mental crisis and just needed … Read more

Lady charged with homicide after Toronto lawyer struck and killed by U-Haul truck in Midtown parking storage

Anh Thu Chiem,

A 62-year-old woman was charged with first degree murder related to the death of a Toronto attorney who was hit and killed by a U-Haul truck in an underground parking garage in Midtown on Friday evening. According to investigators, 52-year-old Scott Rosen had finished work for the day at his law office near Eglinton Avenue … Read more

Wrongful Demise Go well with Filed Over the 2016 Ohio Bloodbath That Killed eight Individuals

Greyscale image of person pointing a gun at viewer; image by Max Kleinen, via

Tony Rhoden Sr. recently filed an unlawful death lawsuit over a 2016 shooting that resulted in the death of several of his family members. An unlawful death lawsuit was recently filed in South Ohio for the deaths of eight people. The fatal shootings occurred four years ago and resulted in the lives of several relatives … Read more