Lawyer Normal’s Jurisdiction Could Increase to Embody Civil Rights Enforcement — Connecticut by the Numbers

Attorney General's Jurisdiction May Expand to Include Civil Rights Enforcement — Connecticut by the Numbers

According to an analysis by the Office of Legal Research, a person affected by hate crimes or violations of civil rights would retain the right to take civil action in court and file a complaint with the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) under the law. It also empowers the Attorney General to refer … Read more

Matrimonial Jurisdiction of the District Court docket – Settling the Jurisdictional Controversy.

Frederick Gurah Sampson

Introduction. Jurisdiction in law is fundamental. It is the power or authority upon which a person or a body acts. Without the requisite jurisdiction, a person, whether natural or juristic, is not clothed with the power to act in a certain manner. It is trite learning that jurisdiction is so fundamental an issue in every … Read more