After demise row inmate is executed, attorneys discover DNA that belongs to another person

After death row inmate is executed, attorneys find DNA that belongs to someone else

Four years after the execution of Arkansas death row inmate Ledell Lee, lawyers working for his family claim they have discovered new DNA profiles belonging to someone else. The DNA was found on the handle of a bloody club used in the 1993 murder of Debra Reese, according to the Washington Post. The proof belongs … Read more

Alabama inmate set for execution this week entitled to remain of execution, attorneys say

Alabama inmate set for execution this week entitled to stay of execution, attorneys say

New court records from attorneys for death row inmate Willie B. Smith III indicate that the Alabama Department of Corrections ‘new coronavirus execution protocol still violates their clients’ constitutional rights. Smith’s attorneys claim he is being treated differently from other death row inmates due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Smith is due to be killed … Read more

Wrongfully Accused Former Inmate Sues Retired Officer

Wrongfully Accused Former Inmate Sues Retired Officer

The retired officer was charged with bribing witnesses to give false testimony that led to an unlawful conviction. Darren Rogers, father of three, spent fourteen months behind bars for murder before charges were dropped. Now he is filing a malicious prosecution lawsuit in the Philadelphia Common Pleas Court, stating that retired detective John Komorowski pressured … Read more

Inmates at Adirondack Correctional File Lawsuit Claiming “Inmate Nursing Dwelling” Harmful Amidst Coronavirus

Inmates at Adirondack Correctional File Lawsuit Claiming "Inmate Nursing Home" Dangerous Amidst Coronavirus

Three inmates of New York’s Adirondack Correctional Facility are suing the state, along with its governor and correctional department, for allegedly putting older inmates at increased risk for novel coronaviruses. According to The Adirondack Daily Enterprise, plaintiffs are represented in litigation by Relman Colfax PLLC and the Legal Aid Society’s Prisoners’ Rights Project. They are … Read more

Androscoggin County Inmate Information Lawsuit Alleging Being pregnant Discrimination

Image of jail cells

A former Androscoggin County inmate recently filed a lawsuit against Cumberland County Sheriff Kevin Joyce and five county prison staff. A woman in Androscoggin County is suing Cumberland County Sheriff Kevin Joyce and five county jail officials on charges that she was handcuffed while pregnant and her right to privacy was violated when two county … Read more

Corrections Officer Kicked Absolutely Restrained Inmate within the Face –

Corrections Officer Kicked Fully Restrained Inmate in the Face

The prison correction officer is caught on camera and kicks the inmate in the face. A lawsuit was filed in the Common Pleas Court in Hamilton County after video footage showed that Hamilton County Jail inmate Courtney Walters was being held by three correction officers (and a fourth who stood above her) when April Jones … Read more

St. Louis County Jail Sued After Inmate Dies from Treatable Leukemia

Image of the inside of a jail

A St. Louis Country prison was recently targeted in a lawsuit after a young inmate died of treatable leukemia on his own. A 20-year-old inmate died of survivable leukemia last year in a St. Louis Country prison after allegedly seeking “help from staff who refused to let him see a doctor.” The civil rights suit … Read more

Connecticut Inmate Awarded $250Ok After Giving Beginning in Cell

Person holding newborn baby; image by Pixabay, via

Connecticut officials are demanding over $ 250,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by an inmate after giving birth alone in her cell without medical assistance. Connecticut officials recently agreed to settle a lawsuit by a state prison inmate who “gave birth in a toilet in her cell and claims she was denied medical care.” Despite … Read more

Legal professional desires inmate with coronary heart situation launched, citing COVID-19 danger | Nationwide Information

Attorney wants inmate with heart condition released, citing COVID-19 risk | National News

An attorney for a man in prison asked a judge to release his client on medical grounds. The man’s heart condition puts him at risk of serious illness if he becomes infected with COVID-19. Jaylon Makaihl Clark, 20, has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a relatively common genetic disease in which the heart muscle becomes too thick. In … Read more