President Donald Trump Impeached For Second Time – Thelegaltorts

President Donald Trump Impeached For Second Time – JONATHAN TURLEY

US House of Representatives With the registration of the 217th vote, the House of Representatives indicted President Donald Trump for the second time. As I stated earlier, my primary objection to this measure is the use of rash impeachment, which dispenses with the traditional impeachment hearing or investigation. There was no opportunity to discuss the … Read more

No, Whitmer Ought to Not Be Impeached – Thelegaltorts

No, Whitmer Should Not Be Impeached – JONATHAN TURLEY

I have been very critical of Governor Gretchen Whitmer for misrepresenting a Supreme Court ruling that she violated the constitution in her pandemic orders, a false report echoed by NBC’s Chuck Todd. However, today’s move to indict Whitmer is wrong for the same reasons I mentioned in my testimony against President Donald Trump’s impeachment. Whitmer … Read more