California Companies Win Discovery Keep in Hemp Destruction Dispute

California Agencies Win Discovery Stay in Hemp Destruction Dispute

Back in April 2020, Apothio sued County Kern and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. In October 2019, state and county law enforcement officers entered their agricultural fields and ordered the destruction of 500 acres of hemp plants valued at approximately $ 1 billion. Apothio claims the agency’s search warrant was flawed because it … Read more

USDA Hemp Closing Rule: Hits and Misses

USDA Hemp Final Rule: Hits and Misses

Last Friday, January 15, the US Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) announced today’s release of its final hemp production rule on the Federal Register, which will take effect March 22, 2021. This Final Rule builds on the Preliminary Final Rule (the “IFR”) published on October 31, 2019. It includes revisions based on three public comment periods … Read more

Ecuador’s Hemp Rules – regulation Legislation Weblog™

Ecuador's Hemp Regulations - Canna Law Blog™

In October, the Ecuadorian Ministry of Agriculture (MAG) published hemp regulations in the form of Acuerdo Ministerial No. 109 (English). This follows the decriminalization of cannabis by the National Assembly in 2019 with a THC level of less than 1.0% THC (which was enforced on June 21, 2020). The regulations differentiate between industrial hemp (cáñamo … Read more

Hemp-CBD Laws: Will Congress Enhance the Hemp Complete THC restrict to 1%?

Hemp-CBD Legislation: Will Congress Boost the Hemp Total THC limit to 1%?

As reported by Hemp Grower magazine, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky introduced legislation on December 15 to change the definition of hemp from 0.3% THC to 1% THC. The bill would also make other important changes to the USDA’s tentative final rule that would affect hemp producers, processors, manufacturers and shippers. The legislation is called … Read more

Hemp Litigation: Does Certified Immunity Shield Legislation Enforcement Who Wrongly Destroy Hemp?

Hemp Litigation: Does Qualified Immunity Protect Law Enforcement Who Wrongly Destroy Hemp?

Earlier this fall, several news outlets reported a lawsuit alleging that federal and state law enforcement agencies wrongly destroyed more than $ 3 million worth of hemp cultivation in California. (See here and here). The Agro Dynamics, LLC v DEA et al. Filed in Federal District Court for the Southern District of California. The defendants … Read more

Hemp Litigation Replace: Authorized Problem to Indiana’s Smokable Hemp Ban Continues

smokable hemp indiana litigation

Is It Legal To Sell Smokable Hemp? Our cannabis and hemp CBD lawyers are often asked this question. Your answer, no doubt, is that it depends on where you want to sell smokable hemp. (We provide a 50-state CBD Risk Matrix overview of the rules and regulations governing the sale of smokable hemp and other … Read more

The Choice of Chapter Grows Clearer for Hemp Companies

bankruptcy hemp

As we wrote earlier, bankruptcy has not been a viable option for cannabis companies, including ancillary businesses that get some of their revenue from cannabis. That should change for hemp and CBD companies after the 2014 Farm Bill, especially after hemp was legalized as a commodity under the 2018 Farm Bill (and removed from the … Read more