Who’s Ben Crump? A better take a look at the civil rights legal professional dealing with the Houston-area’s most controversial instances

Who is Ben Crump? A closer look at the civil rights attorney handling the Houston-area's most controversial cases

Marian Tolan is still texting civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump six years after helping her family resolve a longstanding federal lawsuit against the Bellaire Police Department. Through Crump, she connects with families who have lost loved ones to police violence and provides support in difficult legal disputes. It’s a way, her son Robbie’s violent encounter … Read more

New York Lawyer Normal Letitia James criticized for dealing with of Daniel Prude killing after Cuomo investigation

New York Attorney General Letitia James criticized for handling of Daniel Prude killing after Cuomo investigation

New York attorney general Letitia James was commended for leading an intense investigation that led to the resignation of Governor Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday. It is now asked if she was also carefully following the proceedings against the police involved in the death of a black man in her care last year in Rochester. That … Read more

US lawyer’s workplace in Brooklyn and FBI scrutinizing Cuomo administration’s dealing with of information surrounding Covid nursing dwelling deaths

US attorney's office in Brooklyn and FBI scrutinizing Cuomo administration's handling of data surrounding Covid nursing home deaths

According to the source, the request is described as preliminary. It was not clear whether the authorities were looking at New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo himself or members of his administration. “As we have publicly stated, the DOJ has been looking into this for months. We have worked with them and will continue to … Read more

Metropolitan Correctional Middle Hit with Lawsuit Over Dealing with of COVID-19 Outbreaks

Image of jail cells

A few inmates at the Metropolitan Correctional Center recently decided to sue the facility for dealing with COVID-19. Recently, a lawsuit was filed against the Metropolitan Correctional Center by a group of inmates who alleged the federal agency failed to protect detainees and staff from two major outbreaks. The lawsuit alleges that the prison’s measures … Read more

Metropolis of LA, Metropolis Legal professional Sued Over Dealing with of LADWP Lawsuit – NBC Los Angeles

City of LA, City Attorney Sued Over Handling of LADWP Lawsuit – NBC Los Angeles

A man suing the Los Angeles Department of Water and Energy for inaccurate utility bills filed a lawsuit in federal court Monday against the city over the way the prosecutor handled the case. Antwon Jones, who was a plaintiff in a 2017 settlement when DWP was forced to issue refunds to customers after a massive … Read more

Frank Darras | Dealing with America’s Most Tough Instances


Frank N. Darras has earned a reputation as America’s premier disabled lawyer for more than 30 years. Mr. Darras litigates short and long term claims for group disability and individually acquired disability policies. In addition, he works as a litigation attorney for operating cost insurance, for first-year students and professional drop-in slots as well as … Read more