District Lawyer’s Workplace makes a ruling on a deadly capturing that occurred on State Sport Lands

District Attorney’s Office makes a ruling on a fatal shooting that happened on State Game Lands

Prosecutors ruled a fatal shootout at State Game Lands. No charges are brought, but the circumstances of the incident remain a mystery. Here’s a look at what led the prosecutor to make that decision. The prosecutor has ruled that the December shooting was a sensible use of lethal force. This is because in this case … Read more

Senate Is Enjoying A Harmful Recreation With The 14th Modification – Thelegaltorts

Democratic Leaders Suggest A Dim Future For Biden-Related Investigations – JONATHAN TURLEY

Below is my column in Hill on the recent push to ban former President Donald Trump under the 14th Amendment in a no-confidence resolution. Various commentators and groups have called for dozens of Republican politicians to be expelled from office in the same way, including guidance on “disqualifying insurgents and rebels” under the 14th Amendment. … Read more

Is a Tattoo Protected by Copyright? Is it Infringed if it Seems in a Laptop Sport?

Is a Tattoo Protected by Copyright? Is it Infringed if it Appears in a Computer Game?

We previously blogged about a case in New York that addressed these sensitive issues. In a new blog posted on our Sports Shorts blog, we’re revisiting this issue as ruled recently by an Illinois court. If these questions were litigated in the UK, a similar outcome would likely result. A tattoo is copyrighted as an … Read more