Edward Glaeser’s “4 Freedoms” Technique for Revitalizing American Capitalism –

Edward Glaeser’s “Four Freedoms” Strategy for Revitalizing American Capitalism –

The Harvard economist Edward Glaeser is one of the world’s leading experts in housing, urban development and economic mobility. In a compelling article recently published in City Journal, he describes a “four freedoms” strategy to revive American capitalism by expanding opportunities for young people. It is a must for anyone interested in these topics: A … Read more

Quebec authorities attorneys inform court docket secularism regulation just isn’t a violation of freedoms – Montreal

Quebec government lawyers tell court secularism law is not a violation of freedoms - Montreal

By Employee The Canadian press Posted on December 9, 2020 at 4:28 pm Smaller font Reduce the font size of the article – –ONE Bigger font Increase the font size of the article ONE+ The Quebec government does not believe that its secularism law violates religious freedom but rather serves to shape it, argued a … Read more

Safety Guard Hits UT-Battelle with Lawsuit, Alleging Violations of Spiritual Freedoms

Cross Necklace

An employee at Oak Ridge National Laboratory recently filed a lawsuit against the company over allegations that its religious freedoms are being violated. An Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) employee recently filed a lawsuit against the company on charges that his supervisors “forced him to remove a cross, the symbol of his Christian faith, from … Read more