Messenger: Innocence is sufficient, Lamar Johnson’s attorneys argue in newest try to free him | Tony Messenger

Messenger: Innocence is enough, Lamar Johnson’s attorneys argue in latest attempt to free him | Tony Messenger

Support local journalism Your membership enables our reporting. {{featured_button_text}} But the Johnson case not only criticizes the actions of former police officers and prosecutors, it is an indictment against the judicial system. That makes Johnson a potential kryptonite for the seven black-clad judges who will ultimately decide his fate. To enforce Johnson’s release, his lawyers … Read more

Attorneys pivot to free immigrants from Butler County Jail

Attorneys pivot to free immigrants from Butler County Jail

HAMILTON, Ohio – For the first time in approximately 17 years, the Butler County Sheriff’s Office will no longer work with U.S. Immigration and Customs to detain immigrants. Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones terminated his contract with the Department of Homeland Security this week. For the next 60 days, lawyers said immigrants would be released, … Read more

Free attorneys, prolonged ban on evictions thought-about | Information

Free attorneys, extended ban on evictions considered | News

Washington State Journal An extension of the eviction moratorium for another two years and free lawyers for tenants at risk of eviction are proposed in a new bill that landlords say would decimate their industry. “Our goal is to reconcile the needs of the state, but also to avoid crises,” said Senator Christine Rolfes, D-Kitsap … Read more

CNN’s Brian Stelter Affords A Completely Orwellian Assault On Free Speech And Freedom Of The Press – Thelegaltorts

Democratic Leaders Suggest A Dim Future For Biden-Related Investigations – JONATHAN TURLEY

  Stelter is just trying to “make Fox better”. . . and more like CNN. In reality there is an attempt to pressurize Cable Trays to drop Fox. This includes New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, who insisted that “cable providers should be asked why they have channels that tell lies”. Washington Post columnist and … Read more

Drake Professor Triggers Free Speech Debate With Hateful Tweets In opposition to Males and Conservatives – Thelegaltorts

Drake Professor Triggers Free Speech Debate With Hateful Tweets Against Men and Conservatives – JONATHAN TURLEY

There is a free speech debate at Drake University over hateful and vulgar tweets from Associate English Professor Beth Younger, telling Republicans to “suffer”. We have seen increasingly vulgar attacks from academics in recent years, including such high profile figures as Laurence Tribe. In particular, Twitter hasn’t banned Youngers’ account for harming all Republicans. I … Read more

Hashish in Mexico: FREE Webinar Tomorrow, January 28!

Cannabis in Mexico: FREE Webinar Tomorrow, January 28!

Register here! Mexico will soon be the largest country in the world to legalize cannabis, and now it’s time to prepare for it. Join Harris Bricken working with Mexico-based law firm Lawgic FREE one hour Q&A webinar Tomorrow, Thursday, January 28th at 12 noon, learn more about cannabis legalization in Mexico and how best to … Read more

Professional-Life Pupil Group, Chemeketa Neighborhood School Conform to Settle Free Speech Lawsuit for $25Okay

Image of the Free Speech Flag

Chemeketa Community College and a pro-life student group recently agreed to resolve a free speech lawsuit. Chemeketa Community College in Oregon recently agreed to pay $ 25,000 to settle a federal lawsuit with a pro-life student group. The student group sued the school on allegations that the college had “restricted freedom of speech to a … Read more

Incitement Or Free Speech? Comey Calls For the Republican Get together To Be “Burned Down” – Thelegaltorts

Democratic Leaders Suggest A Dim Future For Biden-Related Investigations – JONATHAN TURLEY

There’s an interesting interview with ex-FBI director James Comey this week. He states that he now believes the infamous alleged “pee tape” may be real and makes other surprising statements as he poses his new book. However, one statement was noticed: “The Republican Party must be burned down … It’s just not a healthy political … Read more

Hoosier Attorneys Provide Free Authorized Counsel as Tribute to Dr King / Public Information Service

Indiana attorneys are hearing more about landlord-tenant law and bankruptcy legal issues due to the pandemic. (AdobeStock)

Indiana lawyers are hearing more about tenancy and bankruptcy law due to the pandemic. (AdobeStock) January 18, 2021 INDIANAPOLIS – In the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr.’s messages on equality and justice, the Indiana legal community today offers free advice to those in need. The Indiana Bar Association has held the Talk to a … Read more

Impeaching Trump for his Function in Inciting the Assault on the Capitol Doesn’t Violate “Established Free Speech Rights” –

The First Amendment Doesn’t Protect Trump Against Impeachment for his Role in Inciting the Assault on the Capitol –

President Andrew Johnson. In a recent post, co-bloggers Josh Blackman and Seth Tillman duplicate their earlier claim that the indictment and conviction of Donald Trump for his role in inciting the attack on the Capitol would violate his First Amendment rights. You acknowledge that the Senate is not necessarily bound by Supreme Court case law … Read more