Regulation Agency Forces Rewrite of Social Safety Attorneys’ Payment Guidelines

Jacklyn Wille

The Social Security Agency needs to change its procedures for paying legal fees in disability pension disputes to allow payments to law firms and payments for the work of lawyers who later join the government, the First Circuit noted. The government’s request that attorney fees be paid to individual attorneys rather than law firms is … Read more

Lack of an lawyer forces one other delay in homicide conspiracy trial | Native

Lack of an attorney forces another delay in murder conspiracy trial | Local

The long-awaited murder conspiracy trial against Mehrdad Fotoohighiam has again been postponed. Special Judge Steven Ohmer announced at a status hearing on Thursday morning that Fotoohighiam’s trial, previously scheduled for May 17, will be postponed until Fotoohighiam can find a lawyer to represent him. His former attorney, Scott Rosemblum, withdrew from the case in March, … Read more