SCC On Recoverable Losses In Tort: How Maple Leaf Meals Impacts Canadian Enterprise – Company/Business Regulation

"Publicity Placing The Plaintiff In A False Light" Is The Newest Privacy Tort In Ontario - Privacy

Unless you’re running a meat processing plant or sandwich franchise, you might think that the recent Supreme Court ruling of 1688782 Ontario Inc. v Maple Leaf Foods Inc. won’t affect your business. This is a mistake. The Maple Leaf Foods case had the potential to extend tort liability for business activities well beyond its historical … Read more

The EU Concludes CBD Meals Are Not Narcotics After All

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Last week the European Commission (the “Commission”) issued its preliminary position on the treatment of hemp-derived cannabidiol (“CBD”) and other extracts derived from the flower tips of the Cannabis sativa L. plant as narcotics under the UN framework -Convention on Withdrawn Narcotics of 1961 (the “Single Convention”). We were relieved to see this development; Loyal … Read more