Confronted with similar case, feds pursued jail whereas SF District Legal professional sought diversion

Netanyahu’s attorneys call for dismissal of indictments following police’s ‘criminal’ misconduct » J-Wire

SAN FRANCISCO – A 22-year-old man was sentenced Wednesday to three years in federal prison in a gun case resulting from a shop robbery investigation that led the state to enroll him in the mental health diversion. San Francisco’s John Gough was arrested on charges of felon in possession of a firearm last December and … Read more

FBI Seizes 800 Beverly Hills Security Deposit Bins With $86M, Attorneys Declare Fed’s Raid ‘Unconstitutional’ – Bitcoin Information

FBI Seizes 800 Beverly Hills' Safety Deposit Boxes With $86M, Attorney's Claim Feds Raid 'Unconstitutional'

The Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) is under fire for an allegedly unconstitutional seizure of 800 lockers in Beverly Hills. The FBI reportedly seized $ 86 million in cash, jewelry, and thousands of gold and silver bars. Crate owners and their attorneys are calling federal law enforcement agencies because they don’t have sufficient evidence that the … Read more

P.G. Sittenfeld’s attorneys accuse feds of creating false statements

US attorney David DeVillers discusses charges against PG Sittenfeld on November 10, 2020.

Federal officials “made false and misleading statements” at a news conference announcing bribery and extortion attempts against suspended Cincinnati City Councilor PG Sittenfeld, his lawyers say. And the indictment is filled with partial citations attributed to Sittenfeld and “wrongly taken out of context,” according to a motion filed Wednesday morning in federal court in Cincinnati. … Read more

Brockman attorneys say he lacks competence, feds cite Aspen journey Logo

Aspen homeowner Robert Brockman’s attorneys ask a federal judge if he’s competent enough to defend himself against charges he has developed for a $ 2 billion tax fraud program. Brockman’s attorneys on recent files have said he has dementia and is deteriorating. “Basically, Mr. Brockman cannot do what is most important to his defense: to … Read more