NO WEB Sonoma influencer mother hires legal protection lawyer to struggle false reporting costs

NO WEB Sonoma influencer mom hires criminal defense attorney to fight false reporting charges

The Sonoma influencer, who was charged with misreporting after accusing a Latino couple of attempting to kidnap their children, has brought in a high profile lawyer on her defense. Katie Sorensen, 28, who may be jailed on two wrongdoing charges for misinformation to police and law enforcement officers, appears poised to fight the case, with … Read more

In household authorized battle Roers v. Roers, Minnesota agency claims lawyer made ‘willful false’ statements

A Roers Management construction project connected to the St. Paul’s Newman Center is seen Friday, Feb. 12, on the 1100 block of North University Drive in Fargo. The Fargo company is in a legal battle with a Minnesota developer, Roers Cos., over who has the rights to use the family name. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

However, Roers Management’s trademark and litigation attorney said the attorney’s allegations to the government were reasonable and truthful. Roers Cos., Founded by Kent and Brian Roers and based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, counterclaimed the lawsuit filed against them in early December by Fargo-based Roers management. Roers Management was founded by Jim Roers, Senator from North Dakota, … Read more

Aker Options Accused of Securing Contract Utilizing False Information –

Aker Solutions Accused of Securing Contract Using False Info

Big oil company accused of misrepresenting itself to secure a business partnership in Malaysia. Seetha Kumarasamy, a one-time Malaysian legal director at Norway-based law firm Aker Solutions, has filed a lawsuit alleging that the company misrepresented ownership of one of its units in Malaysia in order to obtain licenses from Petronas. Kumarasamy said in a … Read more

P.G. Sittenfeld’s attorneys accuse feds of creating false statements

US attorney David DeVillers discusses charges against PG Sittenfeld on November 10, 2020.

Federal officials “made false and misleading statements” at a news conference announcing bribery and extortion attempts against suspended Cincinnati City Councilor PG Sittenfeld, his lawyers say. And the indictment is filled with partial citations attributed to Sittenfeld and “wrongly taken out of context,” according to a motion filed Wednesday morning in federal court in Cincinnati. … Read more

“Publicity Inserting The Plaintiff In A False Mild” Is The Latest Privateness Tort In Ontario – Privateness

"Publicity Placing The Plaintiff In A False Light" Is The Newest Privacy Tort In Ontario - Privacy

Canada: “Advertisement That Misleads the Plaintiff” is the latest data breach in Ontario Labor, Employment and Human Rights Bulletin | HR room To print this article, all you need to do is be registered or log in to What happened? A couple married in 2000 and had two children, ages nine and twelve. In … Read more

Combating False Allegations of Little one Abuse Throughout Custody Disputes

separated couple

Custody disputes are difficult. The parents’ feelings are high. They are bitter to each other. One parent could accuse the other of emotionally or physically abusing the child. False allegations of child abuse are not uncommon. Fighting false allegations is just as difficult as providing evidence, as lawyers have to produce a lot of detailed … Read more

“Publicity Inserting the Plaintiff in a False Mild” is the Latest Privateness Tort in Ontario

The evolution of Vicarious Liability for intentional torts - Lexology

What happened? A couple married in 2000 and had two children, ages nine and twelve. In 2016, the couple separated and the mother left Canada with her children for the UK. This departure sparked years of litigation for the couple, including the Hague Proceedings for the Children’s Return to Canada and a family law dispute … Read more