Was Theranos a fraud or sincere failure? Attorneys lay out instances in opening of Elizabeth Holmes fraud trial

Was Theranos a fraud or honest failure? Attorneys lay out cases in opening of Elizabeth Holmes fraud trial

Elizabeth Holmes Trial: Lawyers issue opening statements Lawyers issued opening statements on Wednesday in the trial against former Theranos boss Elizabeth Holmes. She faces multiple charges of alleged fraud against investors and patients in her now-defunct blood testing company. SAN JOSE – Elizabeth Holmes has either cheated investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars … Read more

The Failure of Biden To Denounce This Impeachment Is A Missed Presidential Alternative – Thelegaltorts

Biden Taps Anti-Free Speech Figure For Transition Lead On Media Agency – JONATHAN TURLEY

This week President-elect Joe Biden made a very laudable decision to appoint Judge Merrick Garland as the next attorney general in the United States. Like many others, I praised Garland as an excellent choice and as a step that advanced Biden’s earlier promise to seek unity. That’s why I was so disappointed that Biden refused … Read more

Household Sues Publix for Failure to Shield Workers Towards COVID-19 –

Family Sues Publix for Failure to Protect Employees Against COVID-19

The family is suing after the deli worker dies while working from contracting the coronavirus. A Florida family has filed a lawsuit against Publix in Miami-Dade County Circuit Court alleging the supermarket engaged in unsafe business practices that contributed to the death of 70-year-old Gerardo Gutierrez, a deli clerk who was exposed after exposure to … Read more