NH legal professional common faces 2nd public listening to for court docket put up

NH attorney general faces 2nd public hearing for court post

CONCORD, NH (AP) – This time New Hampshire Attorney General Gordon MacDonald spoke out again in front of a friendlier audience on why he should be the next Chief Justice of the state’s Supreme Court. Republican Governor Chris Sununu nominated MacDonald for the second time last month, almost a year and a half after the … Read more

Prime pro-Israel lawyer who faked vandalism assault at Scots house faces being struck off

Top pro-Israel lawyer who faked vandalism attack at Scots home faces being struck off

A lawyer could be dismissed over a bizarre lockdown plan to discredit a Palestinian interest group. Pro-Israel Matthew Berlow developed a conspiracy with an accomplice to track down another lawyer who he believed was anti-Semitic abuse. Glasgow-based Berlow helped fake a graffiti attack on his home and put political opponents in the line of fire … Read more

PornHub Proprietor MindGeek Faces Class Motion in Canadian Court docket

PornHub Owner MindGeek Faces Class Action in Canadian Court

The proposed class action lawsuit alleges that MindGeek allowed videos about child exploitation of sex and other non-consensual acts on its subsidiary website, PornHub. MindGeek, the adult entertainment conglomerate best known for its ownership of PornHub, is facing a proposed class action lawsuit accusing it of hosting and distributing videos of child sexual abuse. The … Read more

Cryptocurrency Firm Ripple Faces SEC Lawsuit

Cryptocurrency Company Ripple Faces SEC Lawsuit

The government has filed a lawsuit against Ripple for allegedly violating the Investor Protection Act. San Francisco, California-based Ripple, a cryptocurrency company, is facing a federal lawsuit from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for allegedly violating investor protection laws by using its digital token XRP of unregistered securities to investors benefits. XPR is the … Read more

Goetten faces new cost, his lawyer seeks dismissal

Goetten faces new charge, his lawyer seeks dismissal

Scott Cousins, Published 2:43 p.m. CST, Monday December 28, 2020 Goetten faces new charges and his lawyer applies for dismissal JERSEYVILLE – The DUI case against Jersey County Attorney Ben Goetten continues to work its way through the judicial system, bringing an additional charge on December 21 as Goetten’s attorney moves the original charges … Read more

Robinhood Faces Class Motion Instantly After Paying $65m High-quality to SEC

Robinhood Faces Class Action Immediately After Paying $65m Fine to SEC

Shortly after agreeing a $ 65 million fine, financial technology startup Robinhood was hit by a new class action lawsuit. Robinhood, a phone-based application, enables its users to transfer funds from a bank account to the company’s platform. Consumers can then buy and sell stocks for free. Robinhood started in 2013 and has at least … Read more

Multifamily Dwelling Contractor Faces Federal Lawsuit for ADA Violations –

Multifamily Home Contractor Faces Federal Lawsuit for ADA Violations

The property management company is facing a lawsuit from the DOJ for failing to build multi-family houses under ADA and FHA. The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has filed a lawsuit against J. Randolph Parry Architects, PC, and eight owners of fifteen apartment buildings built by the company in which violations of the Fair Housing … Read more

Milton Nursing Residence Faces COVID-19 Wrongful Demise Lawsuit –

Milton Nursing Home Faces COVID-19 Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The Pennsylvania nursing home is charged with four deaths. A new medical liability lawsuit against the Milton Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility alleges that senior employees acted in “gross negligence” and “outrageous conduct that resulted in the death of a nursing home resident who died of COVID-19.” The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Kenetha Guyer, … Read more

Netflix Settles ‘Select Your Personal Journey’ Case, Faces ‘Cuties’ Lawsuit –

Netflix Settles 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Case, Faces 'Cuties' Lawsuit

Netflix settles a court case while the battle for the movie “The Cuties” continues. In 2018, Netflix created an interactive experience called Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and streaming app won an Emmy. In the film, a video game designer prepares to introduce a new product based on a fantasy novel he calls the “Choose Your Own … Read more