Chance of ‘tort to the setting’ urged

Possibility of ‘tort to the environment’ suggested

Courts should become “guardians of the environment” and accept civil proceedings when defendants are sued for contributing to climate change, according to a group of lawyers from the University of Otago. In a newly published article in the Oxford Journal of Environmental Law, attorneys argue that a recent lawsuit against Fonterra and several other companies … Read more

Jailed Tampa detective bought no coaching, endured ‘poisonous setting,’ lawyer says

Jailed Tampa detective got no training, endured ‘toxic environment,’ lawyer says

TAMPA attorney Richard Escobar said Thursday he was confident that Detective Jarda Bradford will be cleared of the tamper evidence that led to her arrest earlier this week. Bradford said his client made procedural errors, but not a degree that would require arrest of the crime. “Mistakes were made,” said Escobar. “But it is the … Read more