Trump attorneys shouldn’t have a good time (letter) | Letters To The Editor

Trump attorneys shouldn’t celebrate (letter) | Letters To The Editor

On page A6 of February 14, Sunday LNP | LancasterOnline I saw a photo of former President Donald Trump’s attorneys who were acquitted with joy after Trump was acquitted in the impeachment trial of the Senate. What a joke. Did you honestly think that your presentation in Trump’s defense won over Senate Republicans? I do … Read more

LETTER: State Legal professional’s Workplace not doing its job | Letters To Editor

LETTER: State Attorney's Office not doing its job | Letters To Editor

Regarding the December 31 message, “Brothers charged with murder are given parole.” Can you explain the story of a well-known homeless man who is detained while being beaten so badly that he dies? These brothers were 28 and 26 years old and grown men. The beating was 15 minutes of hell. There was a woman … Read more