California Tosses Lawsuit Searching for to Give Rideshare, Gig Drivers Extra Advantages

Massachusetts High Court Says Uber Cannot Force Customers into Arbitration

The lawsuit challenged Proposition 22, a controversial referendum that allows riders to refuse to offer more benefits to off-the-road contractors. The California Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the results of a referendum that allowed riders and delivery drivers to remain independent contractors. The judges, according to The Associated Press, declined to hear … Read more

LaRosa Supply Drivers Awarded $900Ok in Wage Dispute Lawsuit

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Nearly a dozen LaRosa locations recently agreed to settle a pay dispute with current and former delivery drivers for $ 900,000. Nearly twelve LaRosa’a franchises recently agreed to settle a class action lawsuit involving approximately 500 current and former delivery drivers. The lawsuit was originally filed on allegations that delivery drivers “were not paid enough … Read more