Decide takes no motion in attorneys’ subpoena dispute over Mollie Tibbett’s banking information that do not exist

Judge takes no action in attorneys' subpoena dispute over Mollie Tibbett's banking records that don't exist

MONTEZUMA – A judge has decided not to take action against last week’s arguments that subpoenas were improperly filed by the defense for the man charged with the 2018 murder of University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts. Prosecutors asked the judge to suspend a subpoena on Tibbetts’ bank account at Banker’s Trust in Des Moines. … Read more

‘I actually don’t know who I married’: Ex-wife of James Martin, lawyer convicted of sexually assaulting purchasers, opposes parole

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SPRINGFIELD – Seemed like a hook, a ripe choice for a young professional looking for a life partner: a handsome lawyer with an easy-going sense of humor, southern manners, and an eye for family education. But James J. Martin – ultimately convicted of sexually assaulting clients in the same courthouse where he served as a … Read more

‘Don’t Mess With Texas,’ US attorneys warn

‘Don’t Mess With Texas,’ US attorneys warn

AUSTIN, Texas (KWTX) – US attorneys representing the four counties in Texas have announced that, ahead of the presidential inauguration, they will pursue crimes committed in the state Capitol and elsewhere in violation of federal law. “In this time of polarized political discord, freedom of expression is an important right that must be respected, but … Read more

U.S. attorneys warn ‘Don’t mess with Texas’ after threats of violence on Inauguration Day

U.S. attorneys warn 'Don’t mess with Texas' after threats of violence on Inauguration Day

US attorneys across Texas are warning those who want to protest on inauguration day US attorneys across Texas have issued a warning to those who may want to cause trouble in Texas. More guardsmen are registering at the U.S. Capitol and states are securing security around the Capitol before rumors spread before the inauguration next … Read more

‘Don’t mess with Texas,’ U.S. Attorneys warns forward of presidential inauguration

‘Don’t mess with Texas,’ U.S. Attorneys warns ahead of presidential inauguration

Are you considering committing a federal crime ahead of the presidential inauguration? Don’t do it, warned the US lawyers representing the four counties in Texas. In a press release on Wednesday, they announced their intention to pursue crimes at the state Capitol or elsewhere. “In this time of polarized political discord, freedom of expression is … Read more

Justices grant overview in 14 new circumstances however don’t act on hot-button points

House Committee on the Judiciary asks court to put off oral argument on Mueller materials

Posted on Fri, Jan 8th 2021, 9:19 pm by Amy Howe The Supreme Court took a giant step on Friday night to fill out its merits record for the remainder of the 2020-21 term, granting review in 14 new cases for a total of 12 hours of dispute. The judges will weigh the initial adjustment … Read more

Ahmaud Arbery case: Attorneys for McMichaels don’t desire Arbery known as ‘sufferer’ in court docket

Ahmaud Arbery case: Attorneys for McMichaels don't want Arbery called 'victim' in court

“Due process requires the minimal introduction of error or prejudice into this process. The use of terms such as” victim “allows the focus to shift to the accused rather than sticking to evidence of every element of the crimes charged,” wrote the attorneys in a motion filed December 30th. Another motion tells the court to … Read more

Need to be a lawyer, however don’t need to go to legislation faculty? Virginia is one in every of 4 states that permits it. – The Virginian-Pilot

Want to be a lawyer, but don’t want to go to law school? Virginia is one of four states that allows it. - The Virginian-Pilot

Lawyer Tammy McClenney is photographed through a scale in her Virginia Beach, Virginia office on Monday, December 28, 2020. McClenney received her law license after completing the state’s Law Reader Program, in which she studied law for three years before taking the bar exam. (Kaitlin McKeown / Virginia Media)

Editorial: Don’t simply deny Texas’ authentic motion. Decimate it.

Opinion analysis: Justices allow Muslim men placed on “no fly” list to sue FBI agents for money damages

Posted on Friday December 11th, 2020 at 2:06 pm by Tom Goldstein Texas’s attempt to bring an original lawsuit against the election results in four states is not a serious legal claim in a legitimate procedural line for reasons that many people have already given that I will not repeat here. It’s easy for the … Read more

Don’t let Albany attorneys disenfranchise CNY voters (Editorial)

Don’t let Albany lawyers disenfranchise CNY voters (Editorial)

We are getting a disturbing idea of ​​how long it will take political parties to win the narrow elections in the 50th district of the Senate. Albany attorneys float above the Onondaga and Cayuga counties’ electoral boards while postal votes are opened to invalidate hundreds, possibly thousands, of Central New Yorker’s votes. Correctly. They are … Read more