New York district lawyer provides veteran prosecutor in bid to take down Donald Trump

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has added a prominent former district attorney to help their team investigate possible fraud cases former US President Donald Trump and his company.Mark Pomerantz, former Manhattan federal attorney and well-respected defense attorney and litigator with expertise in financial institutions, was sworn in earlier this month as assistant district attorney, Danny … Read more

No, Joe Biden Ought to Not Pardon Donald Trump – Thelegaltorts

Democratic Leaders Suggest A Dim Future For Biden-Related Investigations – JONATHAN TURLEY

Former FBI director James Comey said yesterday that he believed Joe Biden should consider granting mercy to President Donald Trump “as part of the healing of the country”. Just as I have long spoken out against self-pardon as an abuse of the president’s power, I have long spoken out against such pardons by their successors … Read more

President Donald Trump Impeached For Second Time – Thelegaltorts

President Donald Trump Impeached For Second Time – JONATHAN TURLEY

US House of Representatives With the registration of the 217th vote, the House of Representatives indicted President Donald Trump for the second time. As I stated earlier, my primary objection to this measure is the use of rash impeachment, which dispenses with the traditional impeachment hearing or investigation. There was no opportunity to discuss the … Read more