Decide takes no motion in attorneys’ subpoena dispute over Mollie Tibbett’s banking information that do not exist

Judge takes no action in attorneys' subpoena dispute over Mollie Tibbett's banking records that don't exist

MONTEZUMA – A judge has decided not to take action against last week’s arguments that subpoenas were improperly filed by the defense for the man charged with the 2018 murder of University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts. Prosecutors asked the judge to suspend a subpoena on Tibbetts’ bank account at Banker’s Trust in Des Moines. … Read more

Utilizing their very own cash, Rockland Planning Board members retain legal professional in cell tower authorized dispute

Using their own money, Rockland Planning Board members retain attorney in cell tower legal dispute

ROCKLAND – A defense attorney specializing in cell tower litigation has been arrested for three members of the Rockland Planning Board who were involved in a lawsuit with Bay Communications, LLC. Days after the Planning Authority requested in their only meeting with Rockland City Council that Rockland provide them with an independent attorney to be … Read more

Justices dismiss arbitrability dispute – SCOTUSblog

Petitions of the week: Two cases on the state-secrets privilege

Opinion analysis From Ronald Mann on January 25, 2021 at 5:25 pm The Supreme Court on Monday issued a one-sentence order undoing its decision to review Henry Schein Inc. v Archer and White Sales Inc. as “improvised granted.” After a dispute with few judges sympathizing with the position of Archer and White Sales, the dismissal … Read more

Circle Okay is the Newest Firm to Tackle a Hashish Enterprise in a Trademark Dispute

Circle K is the Latest Company to Take on a Cannabis Business in a Trademark Dispute

Earlier this month, Circle K Stores Inc., owner and operator of the Circle K convenience stores chain, filed a notice of opposition against T MarB (Medical Trijuana, Inc.) against Medical Marijuana, Inc., a pending California company, a US federal trademark application for the following design mark (the “MM ‘K’ mark”): The MM mark “K” was … Read more

California Companies Win Discovery Keep in Hemp Destruction Dispute

California Agencies Win Discovery Stay in Hemp Destruction Dispute

Back in April 2020, Apothio sued County Kern and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. In October 2019, state and county law enforcement officers entered their agricultural fields and ordered the destruction of 500 acres of hemp plants valued at approximately $ 1 billion. Apothio claims the agency’s search warrant was flawed because it … Read more

Argument evaluation: Justices sympathetic to FCC in media possession dispute

Case preview: Justices again take on anti-robocall law

The Supreme Court heard Tuesday morning in a dispute arising from attempts by the Federal Communications Commission to deregulate local media ownership. After nearly an hour and a half of debate, the judges seemed inclined to keep the FCC’s efforts going – even if that wasn’t the reason major broadcasters would prefer. FCC v Prometheus … Read more

LaRosa Supply Drivers Awarded $900Ok in Wage Dispute Lawsuit

Image of pizza

Nearly a dozen LaRosa locations recently agreed to settle a pay dispute with current and former delivery drivers for $ 900,000. Nearly twelve LaRosa’a franchises recently agreed to settle a class action lawsuit involving approximately 500 current and former delivery drivers. The lawsuit was originally filed on allegations that delivery drivers “were not paid enough … Read more

Petitions of the week: Federal funding for sanctuary cities and one other dispute concerning the border wall

The Supreme Court, faithless electors, and Trump’s final, futile fight

Posted Thu December 24th 2020 11:30 am by Andrew Hamm This week we are highlighting certification filings urging the Supreme Court to continue addressing contentious immigration policy issues. One group of cases questions the Trump administration’s attempt to crack down on so-called protected cities. Another case concerns certain construction projects that are part of the … Read more

Opinion evaluation: Courtroom sides with New Mexico over Texas in interstate water dispute

Case preview: The $124 billion questions – Justices to hear argument in dispute over Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac shareholder suit

The Supreme Court ruled Texas versus New Mexico on Monday and ruled in New Mexico’s favor in an interstate water dispute over the Pecos River. Texas filed the case directly with the Supreme Court, relying on the court’s original jurisdiction in cases where one state is suing another … just as it did on December … Read more

Argument evaluation: “Very onerous questions” in dispute over Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac shareholder swimsuit

Argument analysis: “Very hard questions” in dispute over Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac shareholder suit

Der Oberste Gerichtshof hat am Mittwoch in einem hochrangigen Kampf um die Regulierung der Hypothekengiganten Fannie Mae und Freddie Mac nach der Immobilienkrise von 2008 mündlich verhandelt. Die Aktionäre des Unternehmens haben sowohl die Verfassungsmäßigkeit der Federal Housing Finance Agency, die der Kongress zur Überwachung der beiden Unternehmen geschaffen hat, als auch die Vereinbarung der … Read more