California Companies Win Discovery Keep in Hemp Destruction Dispute

California Agencies Win Discovery Stay in Hemp Destruction Dispute

Back in April 2020, Apothio sued County Kern and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. In October 2019, state and county law enforcement officers entered their agricultural fields and ordered the destruction of 500 acres of hemp plants valued at approximately $ 1 billion. Apothio claims the agency’s search warrant was flawed because it … Read more

FBI Investigating The Destruction of 500 Doses Of The Moderna Vaccine – Thelegaltorts

Democratic Leaders Suggest A Dim Future For Biden-Related Investigations – JONATHAN TURLEY

We talked about strange Covid-related crimes this year, but a controversy in Wisconsin raises a particularly challenging question. Attorney Aurora Health has admitted that an employee deliberately removed 57 vials containing the Moderna vaccine from the refrigerator. The willful act, which was originally claimed to be accidental, resulted in the destruction of 500 doses of … Read more