Madsen’s lawyer desires choose to permit him to name mayor, well being director at listening to in felony case | Crime and Courts

Madsen's attorney wants judge to allow him to call mayor, health director at hearing in criminal case | Crime and Courts

General Manager Benjamin Madsen defied orders from the Lincoln-Lancaster County Department of Health to shut down Madsen’s bowling & billiards. KENNETH FERRIERA, Journal Star File Photo An attorney for Madsen’s Bowling & Billiards and others charged with alleged violations of Lincoln’s health care policies went on trial Friday to persuade a judge to call the … Read more

Virginia Seaside Assistant Commonwealth’s Lawyer receives Crime Solvers’ Prosecutor Award

Virginia Beach Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney receives Crime Solvers’ Prosecutor Award

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia (WAVY) – Kari Kolar, the Virginia Beach Commonwealth Assistant attorney, received the Crime Solvers’ Prosecutor Award Thursday. In the midst of the pandemic, the office said Kolar was determined to successfully prosecute several notable cases of animal cruelty. “While COVID-19 resulted in many having to wait longer to ensure justice, Kolar did … Read more

Attorneys say they had been suggested by legislation enforcement to not share the place Rittenhouse could be residing with courtroom | Crime & Courts

Attorneys say they were advised by law enforcement not to share where Rittenhouse would be living with court | Crime & Courts

The defense reacts Richards, Rittenhouse’s attorney, argued in his motion that Rittenhouse and his family had received threats in various forms, the most recent of which came on January 25. When Rittenhouse was released from prison in November, police ordered defense attorneys not to provide the safe house address, Richards said. An attorney working with … Read more

Dodge County legal professional seems in courtroom as defendant; downside emerges in newest case | Crime Information

Dodge County attorney appears in court as defendant; problem emerges in latest case | Crime News

Glass turned to his attorney, Clarence Mock. “We’re going to deny today, right?” he said. Mock indicated that it was glass. And Wester has set Glass’s bail at 10% of $ 3,500 – which means Glass has to pay $ 350 to get out of jail. Wester urged Glass to ensure that all alcohol detection … Read more

Dodge County lawyer arrested for ingesting on probation | Crime and Courts

Dodge County attorney arrested for drinking on probation | Crime and Courts

Glass COLLIN SPILINK Fremont Tribune Dodge County attorney Oliver Glass was arrested Thursday night for drinking alcohol on parole. Just before 9:30 p.m., Glass, 46, was arrested on suspicion of violation of his parole after officers from the Fremont Police Department contacted him on the 2800 block of Hogan Lane. According to the Omaha World … Read more

Girl claims worry, abuse; lawyer: Kinard denies allegations | Crime & Courts

Woman claims fear, abuse; lawyer: Kinard denies allegations | Crime & Courts

Kinard was charged last year in Bamberg with assault and first-degree assault as well as attempted second-degree criminal sexual behavior with a minor under the age of 16. He has committed a child under the age of 16 or attempted to commit a lewd act on a child under the age of 16 and has … Read more

Emails present North Dakota lawyer common was suggested Texas election lawsuit possible would fail | Courts & Crime

Emails show North Dakota attorney general was advised Texas election lawsuit likely would fail | Courts & Crime

“The North Dakota attorney general and attorneys general across the country – they’re the top law enforcement officers and they filed a lawsuit in the US Supreme Court based on allegations, and I find that just incomprehensible,” Jon Western said. A native of Bismarck, Professor of International Relations at Mount Holyoke College and Five Colleges … Read more

Some recommend Nebraska judges and attorneys ought to get COVID vaccine to hurry justice | Crime Information

Some suggest Nebraska judges and attorneys should get COVID vaccine to speed justice | Crime News

This question has thrown the bill in Nebraska’s southern neighbors. Kansas politicians have defied the idea that inmates in their COVID-19-plagued prisons would receive the vaccine in front of the general population of citizens 65 and older. In Nebraska, Gage said, “Inmates in correctional facilities are treated like the general public.” That means inmates are … Read more

four attorneys in search of to happen of longtime Lincoln choose who retired in October | Crime and Courts

4 attorneys seeking to take place of longtime Lincoln judge who retired in October | Crime and Courts

Four attorneys – Stephanie Hupp, Ryan Post, and Bradley Sipp of Lincoln, and Daniel Zieg of Bennet – have filed motions to replace a Lancaster County judge who retired in October. Two are private lawyers in Lincoln, Hupp works at McHenry Haszard Roth Hupp Burkholder Blomenberg & Camplin; and Sipp at Bradley A. Sipp. Post … Read more

Darknet drug sellers have been accused of hiding a Bitcoin stash that is now price $16 million. They purchased an outdated fishing boat and a squid allow to hide their crime, say US attorneys.

Darknet drug dealers have been accused of hiding a Bitcoin stash that's now worth $16 million. They bought an old fishing boat and a squid permit to conceal their crime, say US attorneys.

A federal judge issued a confiscation warrant for about 392 bitcoin worth about $ 16 million that belonged to a group of darknet drug dealers, according to US lawyers. US attorneys said the owners bought a Triumph fishing boat and California squid permit in 1974 to “hide and disguise” drug money. Bitcoin’s value is more … Read more