Coronavirus: U.S. physician who allegedly stole vaccine was making an attempt to make use of leftover doses, lawyer says

Coronavirus: U.S. doctor who allegedly stole vaccine was trying to use leftover doses, attorney says

A Texan public health doctor charged with stealing a vial of Covid-19 vaccine tried to use leftover doses so they wouldn’t go to waste, his lawyer said Jan. 22. Dr. Hasan Gokal has been charged with theft by an officer, an offense punishable by up to a year in prison and a fine of $ … Read more

Oregon Lawyer Calls for Inmates Obtain Coronavirus Vaccinations

Oregon Attorney Demands Inmates Receive Coronavirus Vaccinations

A group of Oregon inmates who filed a class action lawsuit against the State Department of Corrections in April are now demanding that they and their fellow inmates be vaccinated against the novel coronavirus. Juan Chavez, an attorney representing the class, told KOIN 6 News that Oregon’s inability – or unwillingness – to vaccinate inmates … Read more

California’s Coronavirus Guidelines Hold Altering, Lawsuits Filed –

California's Coronavirus Rules Keep Changing, Lawsuits Filed

California’s businesses are grappling with the state’s ever-changing COVID guidelines. Various California companies have joined the fight against the governor’s ban on outdoor dining. The Pineapple Saloon, a restaurant in Sherman Oaks, went viral after the owner posted a video of a Hollywood production team setting up catering just yards from her while her restaurant … Read more

Almost a yr into the pandemic, employers brace for coronavirus lawsuits, attorneys say

Nearly a year into the pandemic, employers brace for coronavirus lawsuits, attorneys say

With coronavirus restrictions approaching the one-year anniversary of U.S. coronavirus restrictions, employers should prepare for lawsuits from workers alleging people are infected at work, legal experts said during a January 21 webinar by Dorsey & Whitney LLP . “It’s crystal clear that the pandemic is not over yet, even though we have a vaccine that … Read more

Inmates at Adirondack Correctional File Lawsuit Claiming “Inmate Nursing Dwelling” Harmful Amidst Coronavirus

Inmates at Adirondack Correctional File Lawsuit Claiming "Inmate Nursing Home" Dangerous Amidst Coronavirus

Three inmates of New York’s Adirondack Correctional Facility are suing the state, along with its governor and correctional department, for allegedly putting older inmates at increased risk for novel coronaviruses. According to The Adirondack Daily Enterprise, plaintiffs are represented in litigation by Relman Colfax PLLC and the Legal Aid Society’s Prisoners’ Rights Project. They are … Read more

Arkansas Bars Sue Over Coronavirus Curfew

A dozen pint glasses, each filled with a different style or color of beer, sit in two rows on a restaurant table.

At least 20 bars in Arkansas have filed lawsuits against the state claiming a recent curfew is discriminating against their businesses. The lawsuit, says The Fayetteville Flyer, was registered in Pulaski County last week. The complaint, filed by Little Rock attorney Gary Barnett, accuses the Arkansas authorities of “acting arbitrarily” to issue an order requiring … Read more

Choose Says College students Can Sue College of Kentucky for Extra Coronavirus Refunds

Judge Says Students Can Sue University of Kentucky for More Coronavirus Refunds

A judge in Kentucky has ruled that a lawsuit against the University of Kentucky, in which students forced to leave campus amid the coronavirus pandemic, will be reimbursed, may continue. Wednesday’s decision was made by Judge Philip Shepherd of Franklin County Circuit Court. In his ruling, Shepherd said claims for refunds of around $ 20 … Read more

Immediately’s coronavirus information: First U.Ok. COVID-19 variant case detected in B.C.; China sentences lawyer who reported on outbreak to Four years

People line up at the COVID-19 assessment centre at Toronto Western Hospital on Dec. 25.

The latest coronavirus news from Canada and around the world Monday. This file will be updated throughout the day. Web links to longer stories if available. 8 a.m.: Under intense bipartisan pressure, President Donald Trump on Sunday signed a sweeping coronavirus relief and spending bill — the denouement of a dayslong drama over whether he … Read more

Coronavirus tort legal responsibility reform would assist contact tracing

Coronavirus tort liability reform would help contact tracing

Fortunately, there is room for a compromise in principle. Corporations don’t need blanket immunity to coronavirus lawsuits, and Congress shouldn’t give it to them. However, a tighter division of liability for companies that are actively involved in tracing would make sense – for both business and public health. The House and Senate can’t agree on … Read more

U.S. Legal professional Peter McCoy urges public to be cautious of coronavirus vaccine scams | Opinion

U.S. Attorney Peter McCoy urges public to be wary of coronavirus vaccine scams | Opinion

With the coronavirus vaccine spread across the country, United States attorney Peter M. McCoy Jr. is warning South Carolinians to be on high alert if scammers attempt to take advantage of the pandemic. “Every South Carolinian should be extra careful if they have seen COVID-19-related shipping, vendor, commercial, phishing and even charity fraud related to … Read more