Hendry County principal’s lawyer speaks for first time about paddling controversy

Hendry County principal's attorney speaks for first time about paddling controversy

HENDRY COUNTY For the first time, we hear from a school principal’s attorney in Clewiston paddling with a child as a punishment. The video of the paddling was first brought to light by WINK News at the end of April and attracted international attention. Corporal punishment is legal in Florida, but state law leaves it … Read more

The Lincoln Undertaking Assaults Co-Founder in Newest Defamation Controversy – Thelegaltorts

The Lincoln Project Attacks Co-Founder in Latest Defamation Controversy – JONATHAN TURLEY

This weekend we discussed the Lincoln Project’s public threats to defamation against Rudy Giuliani. The project itself had to contend with issues of defamation against members of the Trump family. The project was accused of doxxing and trolling Republicans and waging a harassment campaign against election lawyers after Biden was declared the 2020 election winner. … Read more

Rep. Cleaver’s Prayer Captures Broader Controversy Over “Degenderizing” Language – Thelegaltorts

Rep. Cleaver’s Prayer Captures Broader Controversy Over “Degenderizing” Language – JONATHAN TURLEY

We recently discussed the schools’ decision to stop using the gender-neutral term “alumni” to combat sexist language. That controversy popped into my mind yesterday when Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., Changed the traditional ending of “Amen” to a prayer outside the House of Representatives. Instead it ended with “Amen and Mrs.”. This little controversy raises a … Read more

Matrimonial Jurisdiction of the District Court docket – Settling the Jurisdictional Controversy.

Frederick Gurah Sampson

Introduction. Jurisdiction in law is fundamental. It is the power or authority upon which a person or a body acts. Without the requisite jurisdiction, a person, whether natural or juristic, is not clothed with the power to act in a certain manner. It is trite learning that jurisdiction is so fundamental an issue in every … Read more