What Group Associations Ought to Know From HOA Attorneys – Actual Property and Development

"Publicity Placing The Plaintiff In A False Light" Is The Newest Privacy Tort In Ontario - Privacy

Servicing, repairs, upkeep and rule enforcement include for a. daily business Community association – now one of the most common forms of housing in North Carolina. To date, nearly 27% of the state’s population lives in some type of single family home, townhouse, or condominium managed by a homeowners association known as the HOA. With … Read more

Scott+Scott Attorneys at Legislation LLP Investigates Granite Development, Inc.’s Administrators and Officers for Breach of Fiduciary Duties – GVA

Scott+Scott Attorneys at Law LLP Investigates Granite Construction, Inc.’s Directors and Officers for Breach of Fiduciary Duties – GVA

Bloomberg EV company with almost no sales makes 3,000% profit in 8 months (Bloomberg) – There’s nothing about Blink Charging Co.’s finances to suggest it is one of the hottest stocks in America. It has never made an annual profit in its eleven-year history. it warned last year that it could go bankrupt; It is … Read more

Development Zone Accidents: What Victims Ought to Know

Construction Zone Accidents

Both roads and construction sites are inherently dangerous places. Vehicles often travel at high speed and sometimes recklessly. Meanwhile, construction zones have heavy trucks and equipment, large rocks, volatile materials, and other hazards. Put them together and the terms become even more uncertain. This is why accidents in construction zones are such a serious problem, … Read more

Congress Overrides Trump Veto of Protection Invoice that Consists of Tight Constraints on Use of “Emergency” Powers to Divert Navy Building Funds to the Border Wall and Different Tasks

How Biden Can Terminate Trump’s Border Wall Project – And Save Money and Protect Property Rights in the Process –

The Senate today overwhelmingly voted to lift President Trump’s veto of the National Defense Authorization Act, giving Trump the first veto on his term in office. Section 2801 of the Act limits the President’s ability to use “emergency” statements to divert military construction funds for construction in the United States to no more than $ … Read more