California Legal professional Basic Urges Congress to Additional Tackle Historic Drug Sentencing Inequities by Amending the First Step Act – Issues Resentencing Aid to All People Convicted of Low-Degree Crack Cocaine Offenses

bonta rob california assemblyman

Joins a bipartisan coalition of 25 attorneys general calling on Congress to extend existing penal relief to anyone convicted of minor crack cocaine offenses Sept. 5, 2021 – OAKLAND – California Attorney General Rob Bonta joined a bipartisan coalition of 25 attorneys general last week to urge Congress to amend the First Step Act of … Read more

Legal professional Common Bonta Urges Congress to Implement Voting Rights Laws to Shield Our Democracy | State of California – Division of Justice

Attorney General Bonta Urges Congress to Implement Voting Rights Legislation to Protect Our Democracy | State of California - Department of Justice

OAKLAND – California Attorney General Rob Bonta joined a coalition of 22 attorney general today calling on Congress to take immediate action to protect voting rights and our democracy. Today’s action comes after the 2020 presidential election, in which the then-incumbent president, backed by certain elected officials, took steps to directly undermine the election. In … Read more

Nessel joins group of 40 attorneys basic urging congress to help invoice stopping college violence

Nessel joins group of 40 attorneys general urging congress to support bill preventing school violence

NTAC began studying targeted violence in schools in 1999 after the shooting at Columbine High School. LANSING, Michigan – Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel has joined a non-partisan group of 40 attorneys general in calling on Congress to pass the EAGLES bill, a national program to prevent targeted violence in schools. The legislation is named … Read more

Professor Calls For The Elimination of the Republican Get together and Purging “Nazified” Individuals From Congress, Universities, and “Common Jobs” – Thelegaltorts

Professor Calls For The Elimination of the Republican Party and Purging “Nazified” People From Congress, Universities, and “Regular Jobs” – JONATHAN TURLEY

The media discussed hosts and leaders like Katie Couric, how to “deprogram” Trump supporters or treat Trump supporters as a cult, including a CNN interview with an actual “cult expert”. Since that would include over 70 million Trump voters, hyperbolic language can be dismissed as another example of our angry political environment. Finally, a few … Read more

Sure, Congress Could Impeach and Take away President Trump for Inciting Lawless Conduct on the Capitol –

Yes, Congress May Impeach and Remove President Trump for Inciting Lawless Behavior at the Capitol –

I would like to provide a quick reply to the post of my co-blogger Joshua Blackman and Seth Tillman, in which he argues that Congress cannot indict and remove President Trump for inciting his remarks on Jan. 6 before and during the election count in Congress . I think this assertion is wrong because of … Read more

Hemp-CBD Laws: Will Congress Enhance the Hemp Complete THC restrict to 1%?

Hemp-CBD Legislation: Will Congress Boost the Hemp Total THC limit to 1%?

As reported by Hemp Grower magazine, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky introduced legislation on December 15 to change the definition of hemp from 0.3% THC to 1% THC. The bill would also make other important changes to the USDA’s tentative final rule that would affect hemp producers, processors, manufacturers and shippers. The legislation is called … Read more

Congress Overrides Trump Veto of Protection Invoice that Consists of Tight Constraints on Use of “Emergency” Powers to Divert Navy Building Funds to the Border Wall and Different Tasks

How Biden Can Terminate Trump’s Border Wall Project – And Save Money and Protect Property Rights in the Process –

The Senate today overwhelmingly voted to lift President Trump’s veto of the National Defense Authorization Act, giving Trump the first veto on his term in office. Section 2801 of the Act limits the President’s ability to use “emergency” statements to divert military construction funds for construction in the United States to no more than $ … Read more

Charlottesville-based lawyer discusses combating evictions, new help from Congress

Charlottesville-based lawyer discusses fighting evictions, new assistance from Congress

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. (WVIR) – As state and state governments take action, more people are expected to keep the roof over their heads a little longer. But a lot of people are still facing evictions, and that has lawyers working hard during the holiday season. Usually the week between Christmas and New Years is a time … Read more

Congress Awards Practically $1m to Pakistani-American Tech Specialists Harassed By Trump Supporters

United States Capitol

Right-wing conspiracy theorists claimed that a successful Pakistani-American tech specialist was actually responsible for the 2016 Democratic email leaks while working as a “spy” for Islamabad. Congress paid $ 850,000 to five Pakistani-American tech specialists who were attacked by right-wing conspiracy theorists after breaking a routine misconduct investigation. According to the New York Times, the … Read more

Congress should cross coronavirus tort reform

Congress must pass coronavirus tort reform

In addition to providing money and assistance to the American workforce, Congress has a duty to prevent further harm to our nation from frivolous coronavirus lawsuits that are considered “harm” to citizens as a result of good government or business decisions become trust. Majority Leader of the Senate Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnell McConnell stops … Read more