District lawyer, household react to suspect’s situations of launch

District attorney, family react to suspect’s conditions of release

On Thursday, a judge denied prosecutors’ request to keep Barber in jail pending trial. According to a judge, Barber must wear a Soberlink device and is not allowed to drink or drive. Arellano’s brother, Alexandro Arellano, told KOB 4 that he was upset that someone accused of killing two people and injuring his brother could … Read more

Class Motion Decries “Appalling and Inhumane” Circumstances in Missouri’s St. Francois County Jail

Class Action Decries "Appalling and Inhumane" Conditions in Missouri's St. Francois County Jail

One inmate told his lawyers that he had become so hungry in St. Francois County Jail that all he had to do was eat toothpaste wrapped in toilet paper. A recent class action lawsuit condemned the alleged “appalling and inhumane situation” at St. Francois County Jail in Missouri. According to, the lawsuit was filed … Read more

Orange County, Metropolis of Anaheim Underneath Hearth in Lawsuit Alleging Poor Homeless Shelter Circumstances

Homeless person sleeping on sidewalk

Earlier this month, the American Civil Liberties Union in Southern California filed a lawsuit on allegations that “sexual abuse, overcrowding and unhealthy conditions are widespread in three Orange County homeless shelters.” It is further alleged that the dire conditions have not improved since the organization “released a damning 2019 report on the county shelters”. The … Read more