Petitions of the week: Re-opening church doorways and opening evidentiary doorways

The Supreme Court, faithless electors, and Trump’s final, futile fight

This week we’re highlighting certification filings calling on the Supreme Court to review other challenges of the first amendment on pandemic-related restrictions, among other things, and see if a defendant can open the door to rebuttal testimony otherwise against the sixth amendment would violate. Two petitions from churches bring First Amendment claims against government restrictions … Read more

Decide agrees to new lawyer for man in church capturing case

Judge agrees to new lawyer for man in church shooting case

Updated Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at 1:18 p.m. EST NASHUA, NH (AP) – Citing an attorney-client relationship breakdown, a judge approved a new attorney for a man accused of shooting a New Hampshire pastor and bride at a wedding. It would be the third time Dale Holloway got a lawyer. In addition to the shootings, … Read more