Oregon Hashish: What’s My Partial Marijuana Dispensary Possession Curiosity Value? (Half 2)

Oregon Cannabis: What is My Partial Marijuana Dispensary Ownership Interest Worth? (Part 2)

A few weeks ago, I wrote about issues with valuing partial ownership interests in a marijuana dispensary. (Of course, these also apply to other companies). This post focused on how the entity choice chosen at formation can affect later value determinations. By and large, valuation problems can arise when a majority owner tries to buy … Read more

Hashish Litigation: An Introduction to California’s Anti-SLAPP Statute

Cannabis Litigation: An Introduction to California’s Anti-SLAPP Statute

As I mentioned in my last post, claims in litigation in the cannabis industry are evolving and expanding, and we have seen significant interest in libel claims. Below is an introduction to California’s anti-SLAPP law, codified in the Code of Civil Procedure, Section 425.16. Subsection (a) describes its purpose: “Legislature notes and states that there … Read more

California, Hashish and Telehealth: Half 2

California, Cannabis and Telehealth: Part I

In my last post in this two-part series, I specifically focused on California’s current relationship with telemedicine and cannabis. Undoubtedly, doctors are free to recommend medical cannabis to qualified patients via telehealth platforms, apps and technologies, provided the doctor follows Prop. 215 as well as telehealth laws and regulations. This post details the legality of … Read more

California Hashish Provide Chain Contracts: Inspection and Rejection

California Cannabis Supply Chain Contracts: Inspection and Rejection

Our cannabis company lawyers have drawn up many cannabis supply chain agreements (such as distribution agreements, licensing agreements, etc.) over the years. In general, supply chain cannabis contracts have the same format and the same nuanced provisions seem to keep popping up (some of which I wrote about before here under three-party supply chain agreements). … Read more

Hashish and Ballots, Half 1: Ecuador

Cannabis and Ballots, Part 1: Ecuador

Five Latin American nations will hold presidential elections in 2021, and two more will hold parliamentary elections. Most of these competitions will have an impact on cannabis policy, and we will examine what every vote is about, starting with Ecuador voting for a new president and legislature next Sunday, February 7th, for a new president … Read more

California Hashish Claims: Defamation – legislation Legislation Weblog™

California Cannabis Claims: Defamation - Canna Law Blog™

Last year we had a miniseries on the blog that covered the top five causes of action in the cannabis industry (links to the series can be found at the end of this post). We then received a number of requests for advice or questions from existing clients about another notorious claim that seems to … Read more

Does My Worldwide Hashish Enterprise Must Register within the U.S.?

Does My International Cannabis Business Need to Register in the U.S.?

In the previous post in this series, we discussed US and state tax requirements for international cannabis companies. This post focuses on when a foreign corporation should or must register as a corporation in a U.S. state, either by registering its foreign corporation directly in that state or by establishing an affiliate or subsidiary in … Read more

California Hashish Enforcement and Age Limitations

California Cannabis Enforcement and Age Limitations

One of the clearer aspects of California cannabis law is age restrictions. People can only enter pharmacies if they are 21 years of age or older (for adult recreational customers) or 18 or older (for medical customers). The state affirmatively requires retail licensees to verify the appropriate age of customers before even allowing them into … Read more