Why attorneys for California faculties blame victims for their very own sexual abuse, bullying

Why attorneys for California schools blame victims for their own sexual abuse, bullying

When lawyers for the Moreno Valley Unified School District argued that 13-year-old Diego Stolz and his family were partially responsible for his death from two bullies, it wasn’t the first time such an argument had been used – and probably won’t latest. “I think it’s a disgusting strategy,” said attorney Morgan Stewart, whose Irvine firm … Read more

Puducherry: Lawyer, three others booked for bullying, stalking girls

Puducherry: Lawyer, three others booked for bullying, stalking women

The complainant further alleged that the women in the complex lived with insecurity (representative image). | Photo credit: iStock Images Key highlights One woman was allegedly molested and persecuted by four men in Pondicherry The woman alleged that one of the defendants worked as a lawyer Pondicherry: A doctor in Pondicherry claimed that four people … Read more

‘Bullying’ Habits Inadequate to Help Tort Declare Below Pa. Regulation

Sid Steinberg of Post & Schell

Sid Steinberg from Post & Schell The standard under Pennsylvania law for an employee (or likely former employee) to make a claim for intentional infliction of emotional stress is high. How much was discussed in the latest case by Schaffhouser against Transedge Truck Center, No. 19-5811-KSM (June 2, 2020). Abusive behavior since the second day … Read more