Why attorneys for California faculties blame victims for their very own sexual abuse, bullying

Why attorneys for California schools blame victims for their own sexual abuse, bullying

When lawyers for the Moreno Valley Unified School District argued that 13-year-old Diego Stolz and his family were partially responsible for his death from two bullies, it wasn’t the first time such an argument had been used – and probably won’t latest. “I think it’s a disgusting strategy,” said attorney Morgan Stewart, whose Irvine firm … Read more

Google Docs versus Microsoft Phrase: Attorneys blame ‘technical incompatibilities’ for late submitting

Google Docs versus Microsoft Word: Attorneys blame 'technical incompatibilities' for late filing

The Google Docs ate my homework Getty Images / iStockphoto The American legal system runs on time. As one practicing attorney wrote in an official American Bar Association publication: “[M]Giving a filing deadline is a lawyer’s worst nightmare. “ This is especially true if you are representing plaintiffs on an “Emergency Complaint for Expedited Declaratory … Read more