Who’s Ben Crump? A better take a look at the civil rights legal professional dealing with the Houston-area’s most controversial instances

Who is Ben Crump? A closer look at the civil rights attorney handling the Houston-area's most controversial cases

Marian Tolan is still texting civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump six years after helping her family resolve a longstanding federal lawsuit against the Bellaire Police Department. Through Crump, she connects with families who have lost loved ones to police violence and provides support in difficult legal disputes. It’s a way, her son Robbie’s violent encounter … Read more

Ben Crump, the nation’s most well-known civil rights legal professional, cannot decelerate

Ben Crump, the nation's most famous civil rights attorney, can't slow down

Crump then asks them to name one White man who has died under similar circumstances. “Not to worry,” Crump says after a minute of awkward silence. “I’ll wait for you to give me a name.” Crump says the exercise is designed to drive home a lesson he learned as a civil rights attorney. The United … Read more

Legal professional Ben Crump to place Brevard County Sheriff’s Workplace on trial

Attorney Ben Crump to put Brevard County Sheriff's Office on trial

A lawsuit filed Thursday night by civil rights attorneys Benjamin Crump, Natalie Jackson and Steven Hart over the death of two teenagers from the black cocoa by a deputy of a Brevard County sheriff goes beyond the lawsuit against two MPs. It’s an indictment against Sheriff Wayne Ivey’s office. “You will see that the allegations … Read more