County attorneys argue Vanessa Bryant has no foundation to sue over sharing of pictures from the Kobe Bryant crash scene – Each day Information

County attorneys argue Vanessa Bryant has no basis to sue over sharing of photos from the Kobe Bryant crash scene – Daily News

BY FRED SHUSTER LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles county attorneys claim Vanessa Bryant has no legal basis to sue four sheriff MPs for allegedly sharing unauthorized photos taken at the site of the helicopter crash of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven more people were killed. Bryant alleges in her lawsuit that MPs responding to … Read more

Warren Hastings and the Historic Foundation for Retroactive Impeachments – Thelegaltorts

Warren Hastings and the Historical Basis for Retroactive Impeachments – JONATHAN TURLEY

It seems at times that every impeachment road leads back to Warren Hastings. I previously wrote about Hastings as I delved into the theories of bribery put forward by Democratic leaders and legal experts in the first impeachment against Trump. Now, Hastings is back as a historic precedent for the impeachment of former officials. As … Read more

Pitt County District Lawyer’s Workplace Working on a Restricted Foundation December 14-15 Because of an Publicity to COVID-19

Pitt County District Attorney’s Office Operating on a Limited Basis December 14-15 Due to an Exposure to COVID-19

Pitt County District Attorney Faris Dixon has announced that its office will have limited operations from Monday, December 14 through Tuesday, December 15 due to exposure to COVID-19. During this time, legal proceedings will be processed for people who are in custody. In order to limit the spread of COVID-19 and to protect the public … Read more

Admiral Giroir Slams Bans On Outside Eating As With out Scientific Foundation – Thelegaltorts

Admiral Giroir Slams Bans On Outdoor Dining As Without Scientific Basis – JONATHAN TURLEY

Just before I was interviewed at Fox today about the ongoing challenges in closing orders, Admiral Brett Giroir was interviewed and expressed the welcomed views on the science behind pandemic orders. A hearing is scheduled tomorrow to question the California corporate lockdown ordered by Governor Gavin Newsom. However, Giroir stated that there is no evidence … Read more