Atlanta US lawyer Byung ‘BJay’ Pak, who give up amid Trump’s assaults, to talk to Senate Judiciary Committee

Atlanta US attorney Byung 'BJay' Pak, who quit amid Trump's attacks, to speak to Senate Judiciary Committee

The circumstances surrounding Pak’s departure are among the lingering mysteries of these chaotic events in early January. There are some indications that he was ousted from the White House for refusing to pursue the false claims of electoral fraud that were pushing Trump in Georgia as congressional confirmation of the election drew near. After Pak’s … Read more

The Lincoln Undertaking Assaults Co-Founder in Newest Defamation Controversy – Thelegaltorts

The Lincoln Project Attacks Co-Founder in Latest Defamation Controversy – JONATHAN TURLEY

This weekend we discussed the Lincoln Project’s public threats to defamation against Rudy Giuliani. The project itself had to contend with issues of defamation against members of the Trump family. The project was accused of doxxing and trolling Republicans and waging a harassment campaign against election lawyers after Biden was declared the 2020 election winner. … Read more

Speaker Pelosi Ramps Up Assaults On Republican Colleagues Amidst Calls For Expulsions – Thelegaltorts

Speaker Pelosi Ramps Up Attacks On Republican Colleagues Amidst Calls For Expulsions – JONATHAN TURLEY

Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi this week stepped up attacks on members of her own home, accusing them of “giving” help and comfort “to those who want to destroy the nation. The comments came after Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., Denied a public allegation by Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., That she personally took rioters for a tour of … Read more

Lawsuit: College of Michigan Professor Harassed Egyptian Researcher with “Racist, Misogynistic” Verbal Assaults

Lawsuit: University of Michigan Professor Harassed Egyptian Researcher with "Racist, Misogynistic" Verbal Attacks

Urology professor Mark L. Day allegedly removed frustration over terminating a contract with an Egyptian colleague on whom he had vowed revenge. In a recent lawsuit, a University of Michigan urology professor is accused of “racist, misogynistic and xenophobic” writing against a foreign colleague. The lawsuit, according to The Detroit News, said the University of … Read more

Edo lawyer desires judicial panel of enquiry on police assaults

Edo lawyer wants judicial panel of enquiry on police attacks

From Ozioruva Aliu – Benin City Olayiwola Afolabi, an Edo-based attorney and notary public, has called on the federal government to set up a judicial investigative body to investigate alleged crooks’ attacks on police officers during the #EndSARS protest that violently led to the destruction of property and the loss of life in the country … Read more