Supreme Court docket Dismisses Key Argument in Holocaust Artwork Seizures Lawsuit

US Supreme Court building; image by Mark Thomas, via

The Supreme Court ruled against the descendants of Holocaust victims whose ancestors were forced to sell valuable works of art to Nazi officials for a fraction of their real value. Under normal circumstances, individuals cannot sue foreign states in a national court. According to CNN, the judges found that the plaintiffs’ claim did not meet … Read more

Sarasota County College Board changing lawyer Artwork Hardy, who’s retiring

Sarasota County School Board's attorney Art Hardy is stepping down from his position since the 1990s, and the board hopes to appoint his successor in the coming weeks.

When Sarasota County’s School Board attorney Art Hardy began doing legal work for the school board in the early 1990s, the superintendent’s office had two large metal trash cans. “One was for trash, one was for catching water that came through the roof,” Hardy said. In the 30 years since then, more has changed than … Read more

Argument evaluation: Many questions, few options on immunity in claims arising from Nazi-era artwork sale

Argument analysis: Many questions, few solutions on immunity in claims arising from Nazi-era art sale

The Supreme Court heard verbally on Monday in a dispute over a collection of medieval Christian art exhibited in a Berlin museum. The question before the judges in the Federal Republic of Germany against Philipp is whether the lawsuit filed in Washington, DC by the heirs of several German-Jewish art dealers who claim the art … Read more

Case preview: Justices to think about immunity for Germany in claims arising from Nazi-era artwork sale

Case preview: Justices to consider immunity for Germany in claims arising from Nazi-era art sale

Es ist fast 90 Jahre her, dass Adolf Hitler in Deutschland an die Macht kam, und 75 Jahre seit dem Ende des Zweiten Weltkriegs. Trotz des Zeitablaufs dauern die Bemühungen an, wertvolle Kunstwerke wiederzugewinnen, die von den Nazis beschlagnahmt oder unter Zwang an sie verkauft wurden. Am Montag wird der Oberste Gerichtshof in einem solchen … Read more