Supreme Court docket Dismisses Key Argument in Holocaust Artwork Seizures Lawsuit

US Supreme Court building; image by Mark Thomas, via

The Supreme Court ruled against the descendants of Holocaust victims whose ancestors were forced to sell valuable works of art to Nazi officials for a fraction of their real value. Under normal circumstances, individuals cannot sue foreign states in a national court. According to CNN, the judges found that the plaintiffs’ claim did not meet … Read more

Supreme Court docket Removes Border Wall Case From its Oral Argument Calendar –

How Biden Can Terminate Trump’s Border Wall Project – And Save Money and Protect Property Rights in the Process –

Yesterday the Supreme Court removed Biden v Sierra Club (formerly known as Trump v Sierra Club) from its oral hearing calendar. This move likely ends the lengthy legal battle over the legality of former President Donald Trump’s diversion of various military construction funds to build his border wall. The court took this step at the … Read more

Justices announce low-key March argument session

Supreme Court building after snowfall

SCOTUS NEWS By Amy Howe on February 1, 2021 at 2:22 p.m. The Supreme Court building after a snowfall in January 2016. (Katie Barlow) The Supreme Court released the calendar for its March argumentation session on Monday, planning arguments on issues such as compensation for athletes, union organization, Medicaid work demands and the confiscation of … Read more

Now accessible on Oyez: This month’s oral argument audio aligned with the transcripts

Case preview: Justices again take on anti-robocall law

Posted Thu, Jan 21st 2021 11:03 am by Oyez Project Oyez has released the adjusted audio and transcripts of the November 2020 oral submission to the Supreme Court. The court heard arguments this month in: Posted in Merit Cases Recommended citation: Oyez Project, now available on Oyez: This month’s oral argument is aligned with the … Read more

Argument evaluation: Justices divided in procedural battle between Baltimore, oil corporations in local weather combat

Argument analysis: Justices divided in procedural battle between Baltimore, oil companies in climate fight

Kannon Shanmugam argues for BP and other fossil fuel companies (Art Lien) In a 2015 speech at Harvard Law School, Justice Elena Kagan told the audience that “we are all textualists now” – that is, any attempt to interpret a statute begins (and often ends) with the language of the statute . This principle could … Read more

Argument evaluation: Justices sympathetic to FCC in media possession dispute

Case preview: Justices again take on anti-robocall law

The Supreme Court heard Tuesday morning in a dispute arising from attempts by the Federal Communications Commission to deregulate local media ownership. After nearly an hour and a half of debate, the judges seemed inclined to keep the FCC’s efforts going – even if that wasn’t the reason major broadcasters would prefer. FCC v Prometheus … Read more

Argument evaluation: Justices doubt FTC’s authority to compel financial aid

Argument analysis: Justices doubt FTC’s authority to compel monetary relief

Posted Thu, Jan 14th 2021 3:16 PM by Ronald Mann If you’re arguing on behalf of a federal regulator to protect consumers from businesses and Justice Stephen Breyer turns his face against you, your day is probably not going well. But that’s exactly what happened on Wednesday morning when Joel Marcus stood up against the … Read more

Argument evaluation: Justices weigh mootness after change in authorities coverage in circumstances in search of nominal damages

Justices issue more orders from Friday’s conference, decline to fast-track election-related cases

The Supreme Court heard a hearing on Tuesday in the case of a Georgia student who was prevented from distributing religious literature and speaking about his beliefs on his public college campus. The student, Chike Uzuegbunam, argued that the college’s guidelines violated the first change, but shortly after the lawsuit was filed, the college changed … Read more

Argument evaluation: A posh query of immigration bond

Argument analysis: A complex question of immigration bond

The Supreme Court heard arguments against Guzman Chavez by phone in Pham on Monday that raise a complex issue about the retention of migrants in deportation proceedings. The judges asked both sides difficult questions. Respondents’ attorney, Paul Hughes, calls to argue with a view of Union Station in the background (Art Lien) The case concerns … Read more

February argument calendar consists of immigration, voting-rights circumstances

Case preview: Justices again take on anti-robocall law

Posted Thu December 31st 2020 at 1:30 pm by Amy Howe The Supreme Court on Thursday released the calendar for its February argument session, which begins on February 22, 2021. Like the argumentation calendar for January 2021, the meeting is relatively easy: it is planned to have eight hours of arguments over six days. but … Read more