President of Albany Motion addresses U.S. Legal professional’s Workplace | Information

President of Albany Movement addresses U.S. Attorney's Office | News

MACON, Ga .– Dr. William D. Anderson, president of the Albany Movement, a coalition of activists including Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rev. Ralph David Abernathy, who campaigned for an end to segregation in Albany, Georgia, were guest speakers for the presentation of the U.S. Attorney’s Black History Month for the Middle District of … Read more

Don’t let Albany attorneys disenfranchise CNY voters (Editorial)

Don’t let Albany lawyers disenfranchise CNY voters (Editorial)

We are getting a disturbing idea of ​​how long it will take political parties to win the narrow elections in the 50th district of the Senate. Albany attorneys float above the Onondaga and Cayuga counties’ electoral boards while postal votes are opened to invalidate hundreds, possibly thousands, of Central New Yorker’s votes. Correctly. They are … Read more