Attorneys common from Illinois, 16 different states supporting federal firearm age restrictions | Nationwide Information

Attorneys general from Illinois, 16 other states supporting federal firearm age restrictions | National News

Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul supports state regulations against the commercial sale of firearms to anyone under the age of 21. Raoul, along with 17 other attorneys general, filed a brief supportive ban that is challenged in the Hirschfeld lawsuit against Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco and Explosives. The lawsuit challenges federal law banning individuals … Read more

Legislation experiences range with age of legal professional | Authorized Affairs

Law experiences vary with age of attorney | Legal Affairs

The history of the legal profession began thousands of years ago in ancient Greece and Rome. Since then, it has undergone intensive reform around the world. Adam Brown, criminal defense attorney at Zukerman Law in Cleveland; Ian Friedman, defense attorney at Friedman & Nemecek in Cleveland; Anthony Lazzaro, attorney with the Lazzaro Law Firm in … Read more

California Hashish Enforcement and Age Limitations

California Cannabis Enforcement and Age Limitations

One of the clearer aspects of California cannabis law is age restrictions. People can only enter pharmacies if they are 21 years of age or older (for adult recreational customers) or 18 or older (for medical customers). The state affirmatively requires retail licensees to verify the appropriate age of customers before even allowing them into … Read more

CBS Broadcasting Hit with Class-action Lawsuit Over Gender and Age Discrimination, Wage Disputes

News reporter

A Miami judge recently cleared a class action lawsuit against CBS Broadcasting, Inc. relating to labor law and gender and age discrimination. If a jury rules against the company, the verdict could “have a nationwide impact on the 29 CBS-owned and operated television stations known as CBS Television Stations, Inc.” Close up of 100 dollar … Read more

Resolving Tort Litigation within the Age of COVID-19

Robert S. Kelner and Gail S. Kelner

Robert S. Kelner and Gail S. Kelner We are all clearly heartened by the renewed activity in our judicial system after the nearly complete shutdown necessitated by the onslaught of the coronavirus. Now with the expanding use of electronic filing and videoconferencing, pretrial and post-trial proceedings and appeals  are back in action. It is such … Read more