Sixteen attorneys basic be a part of South Dakota lawsuit to revive Fourth of July fireworks

S.14 attorneys general joined Governor Kristi Noem’s fight to restore South Dakota’s July 4th fireworks display, the latest in a year-long showdown between state and federal officials.

On Wednesday, attorneys general of 16 states filed amicus briefs in support of Noem’s lawsuit against the Home Office to restore the July 4th fireworks display at Mount Rushmore. Under the direction of Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt, this new lawsuit aims to restore the exhibit for the next year and years to come.

“The arbitrary decision by the Biden administration to cancel the Mount Rushmore fireworks celebration sets bad precedent for other states wanting honest and predictable federal trials,” Noem said. “I am grateful to the 16 attorneys-general who are working on South Dakota so we can bring the fireworks celebration back to Mount Rushmore and celebrate our nation’s birthday in America’s Shrine to Democracy for next year and in the future.”


The new Amicus briefing condemned the cancellation of the Mount Rushmore fireworks display in 2021, arguing that the National Park Service’s decision was “irregular, flimsy and for unsupported reasons,” and in particular noted the decision to cancel the Mount Rushmore fireworks display Question while the show resumes at the National Mall in Washington, DC.

“Much of the letter denying South Dakota approval focused on the COVID-19 pandemic,” wrote the attorney general. “COVID-19 concerns did not prevent the National Park Service from holding fireworks on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

Noem sued the Biden administration in the U.S. District Court for the District of South Dakota in April 2021 when officials denied South Dakota’s request to hold a fireworks display at Mount Rushmore, citing COVID-19 as a cause for concern. Seventeen attorneys general, including Schmidt, supported the governor in her lawsuit. Schmidt said he was “happy to help Noem fight the” arbitrary decision “of the Biden government.

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The court denied Noem’s motion in June 2021, saying a ruling in her favor would constitute “inappropriate judicial activism.” Later that month, Noem accepted President Joe Biden for the National Mall celebrations.

“It is a wonderful day. I really wish we could have fireworks here this year, probably not because of the Biden government, but look at all the wonderful people who are still enjoying this monument to history, ”she said on June 27th.

Schmidt’s representatives did not immediately respond to the Washington examiner’s request for comment.

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