SCOTUS highlight: Beth Brinkmann on cracking the glass ceiling

SCOTUS spotlight: Beth Brinkmann on cracking the glass ceiling

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Posted Tue, Dec 8, 2020 6:12 pm

Posted Tue, Dec 8th 2020 6:12 pm by SCOTUStalk

Beth Brinkmann, co-chair of the Supreme Court Appeals and Trial Group at Covington & Burling, has tried 25 cases in the Supreme Court and is one of the most experienced attorneys to practice today. In the latest installment of our “SCOTUS Spotlight” series on verbal advocacy, SCOTUStalk host Amy Howe sits down with Brinkmann to discuss what is needed to develop this expertise. Brinkmann reports on her first hearing in court while working in the attorney general’s office – and later helped change the firm’s hiring practices to allow more women to work there. She advises attorneys who appear in court and tells a memorable story of the birth, win of a case, and loss of her mentor, Justice Harry Blackmun, within 48 hours.

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