San Diego District Lawyer’s workplace grants $25Okay to Burn Institute’s youth fireplace prevention program

National data shows that 55% of all arson arrests involve children under the age of 18.

SAN DIEGO – The San Diego District Attorney works with children who have started fires.

National data shows that 55% of all arson arrests involve children under the age of 18.

A new $ 25,000 grant will be used for staff advising children on how dangerous fire can be to themselves and everyone around them.

The Youth Firestarter Intervention Program was initiated by the Burn Institute, which has served the San Diego area for nearly 50 years. The Burn Institute also works with burn survivors and gives seniors free smoke alarms.

According to the San Diego County’s Youth Department, about 10 youth arson allegations are reviewed annually, but YFS handles many more cases than the prosecutor receives.

“It could endanger your family, your community, your schools. So it’s really important that we stop doing this. Stop this behavior and change the child’s behavior as early as possible, ”said Susan Day, executive director of the Burn Institute.

The YFS program teaches children ages five to 18 and their families about fire safety. They also assess whether there is a deeper problem that causes the children to start starting fires. Day said parents should keep an eye out for burned or scorched areas inside and outside the home.

“You are curious. They experiment and often don’t even understand the consequences and danger of behavior as dangerous as starting a fire, ”said Day.

The National City Fire Department is one of the few in San Diego County that has its own fire protection program for families in their city. Fire Inspector Eddie Sanchez said parents should also remember not to leave things like matches or lighters where children can easily get them.

“Treat this like a loaded weapon. When you think of a fire or a match, what can do more harm? A bullet or a match? Most of the time when I ask students this they think of a bullet. One game, however, could spark a huge wildfire like what is happening in our state now, ”said Sanchez.

Both the Burn Institute and the National City Fire Dept. use FEMA training courses to educate people about fire safety. For more information, click the links: The Burn Institute or National City Fire Dept.

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