Richmond choose does not recuse himself after lawyer for man shot by police says his thoughts is made up | Crime Information

“Over the course of an hour, the court took evidence not previously on file or provided by the Commonwealth, conducted its own investigation into the facts of the case, habits, routines, mental health and character of the accused, and so far Tat, collected incriminating, aggravating and damaging information about the defendant and the case pending before the court, ”said Poindexter.

On Friday, Cheek asked again if Carter’s parents were there.

Jennifer Carter, the defendant’s mother, gently raised her hand. Carter’s father was absent on Friday but had been present at the earlier hearing.

Cheek told Jennifer Carter that he was trying to spark a “much needed” conversation between her and her son.

After the hearing on Friday, she said she had not expected anything else from the judge after the bond hearing.

“It’s easy for people like the judge to ask us parents questions. But we are not fully responsible for his actions, “she said, pointing out that her son is 27 years old, but adding that he didn’t do anything wrong. “I’m worried he’ll get a fair trial.”

Several lawyers in attendance Friday, as well as Cheek himself, said it was unorthodox but typical for a judge to question family members about bonds during the hearing. Most lawyers said that interruptions are common too, but that Cheek is fair.

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