Put your purchasers on the heart of every little thing you do

Exceptional customer service sets your business apart from the next. At Actionstep we create software with which you can run your company AND inspire your customers.

We know the lawyer-client relationship is fundamental to keeping clients happy and coming back. However, no one can control the overall customer experience – it is an enterprise-wide endeavor. The customer experience consists of hundreds of touchpoints throughout the customer’s journey with your company. From the first response via an inquiry form or a call to your reception to case updates or easy access to case files.

The challenge:

The challenge is how you and your team meet customer expectations for each of these touchpoints. Especially when service expectations keep getting higher. Whether it’s a delivery service, streaming service, or professional service, customers know what good service feels like.

This means that law firm clients don’t just compare the service they get from you as a lawyer to the service they might get from another lawyer. They compare the service they get from you to ALL the services they get in their life. How do you ensure that every interaction and communication between your customer and your company leads to exceptional customer experiences?

The solution:

Actionstep puts your customers at the center of everything you do in your company. It is a complete practice management system with the flexibility to support your ideal processes in all aspects of customer admission, matter and task management, document compilation and storage, customer communication, billing and much more. With Actionstep you can use the workflow to organize and automate the activities in all these functions and thus control every step on your customer’s path with your company without having to manually control every little detail.

With Actionstep, you can ensure that your customers receive a consistent level of service and great experiences, regardless of who they are working with in your company.

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