Prosecutors, protection attorneys to assessment DHHS information for all kids in homicide case in opposition to Stockton Springs mom

BELFAST – Judge Robert Murray, the judge directing the alleged murder of depraved indifference against Jessica Williams, ordered records from the Maine Department of Health and Human Services for each of Williams’ four children on July 20. The order was issued after a motion in support of a subpoena was filed by Assistant Attorney General Leane Zainea on June 25th.

Williams is accused of causing the death of her 3-year-old son Maddox on June 20th at her Stockton Springs home. According to a coroner, Maddox died of blunt violent injuries.

The case is being followed up by Assistant Attorney General Leane Zainea, who in Limine applied for a subpoena to DHHS to release records of the four children. According to the motion, “to the knowledge and belief before Maddox’s death and further after his assassination. The DHHS was related to child protection studies [the children]. “

The motion argues that the DHHS records for the children, all under the age of 10, will include testimony from Jason Trefethen, who is the father of Williams’ three surviving children. Trefethen saw Maddox the day he died, and the motion states that “the state expects the DHHS records to see testimony from Trefethen and other witnesses about the care of Maddox Williams and the events leading up to his death led to be included. “

Because the requested documents are confidential by law, prosecutors can only obtain them by submitting a subpoena for the records.

The files are available to both prosecutors and defense lawyers and must remain in the clerk’s office at all times.

“The court recognizes the need to balance the confidentiality of these records against the need for the accused to have access to the documents for preparation and trial [the] Case of the accused ”reads the ruling in part.

Judge Murray’s order allowed the agency 30 days to provide the requested documentation, although an extension can be requested if additional time is needed.

Jessica Williams is due to appear in court on October 28 at 1 p.m.

Williams, 35, also known by the surnames Trefethen and Johnson, was with her mother when they rushed a fatally injured Maddox to the hospital the day he died and told hospital staff that the boy had been knocked down from a dog leash and by one kicked his siblings in the stomach.

Emergency room workers were unable to resuscitate Maddox, who suffered multiple bruises and abrasions, according to an affidavit in support of Williams’ arrest. The affidavit noted that some of the wounds on Maddox’s face were covered with temporary tattoos.

Williams escaped arrest until June 28, when she was finally arrested at her mother, Sherry Johnson’s home.

Williams left the hospital shortly after doctors pronounced Maddox dead. Sherry Johnson told police that she dropped Jessica Williams on a pier near Searsport Harbor after they left the hospital. That story was called into question when security tapes of the pier showed no signs of Jessica or her mother at the crime scene.

Sherry Johnson was eventually arrested for allegedly lying to police about her daughter’s whereabouts.

According to the coroner, Maddox’s injuries were “severe and on par with a major car accident.” Multiple blunt violent trauma was found to be the cause of Maddox’s death. The manner in which he died was determined to be trauma that was not accidentally inflicted.

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