Professional-Trump lawyer is tossed from defamation case for ‘lying’ and ‘stunning incompetence’

Lin Wood

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A pro-Trump attorney who recently hit the news for a typo has been kicked out of a defamation case in Delaware.

Atlanta attorney, L. Lin Wood Jr., received some attention when he filed an election case “under much perjury”. Now he has been removed from a case in Delaware for his electoral behavior.

Delaware Supreme Court Judge Craig Karsnitz removed Wood from the defamation case in a Jan. 11 statement, Law360, Forbes and Bloomberg Law.

Karsnitz said he would remove Wood for showing “a poisonous stew of mendacity, domination and surprising incompetence” in electoral disputes outside of Delaware.

Karsnitz said Wood was involved in an election lawsuit in Georgia that was found to have no legal or factual basis, and that he worked on a Wisconsin case where the pleadings were “riddled with errors.”

The Georgia case “was a reckless litigation,” and the Wisconsin complaint “would not survive a civil proceedings class at a law school,” Karsnitz said. The judge also said an expert affidavit filed in support of Wood’s Georgia case was “flawed”.

Wood served on a legal team representing former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page in the Delaware v. Oath case, then the parent company of Yahoo and the Huffington Post.

In his opinion, Karsnitz Wood revoked Pro-Hac’s permission to participate in the Delaware case. If an outside state attorney is allowed to serve as an attorney on a case in Delaware, “I must ensure an adequate level of integrity and competence,” said Karsnitz.

Wood had argued that he should not be expelled from the case because none of the alleged conduct had occurred in Karsnitz’s court and it is up to the Delaware Supreme Court to enforce the ethics rules.

Karsnitz countered that he had made no ethical determinations. Karsnitz said his job is “to ensure that those who practice before me have sufficient character and behave with sufficient courtesy and truthfulness.”

Karsnitz also mentioned news reports of tweets attributed to Wood that he read after issuing an order to show why Wood should not be removed from the Delaware case.

A tweet called for Vice President Mike Pence’s arrest and execution. Other tweets about the US Supreme Court, John G. Roberts Jr., “are too disgusting and outrageous to be repeated,” Karsnitz said.

Karsnitz was apparently referring to tweets asking whether Roberts has links to pedophilia and the death of Justice Antonin Scalia under Law 360.

“Undoubtedly, these tweets and many other things triggered this unrest,” said Karsnitz on January 6th at the US Capitol. “I’m not here to have a lawsuit if Mr. Wood was ultimately the source of the incitement. I am not making any statement about this behavior, and it is not part of the basis of my decision. “

Wood was banned from Twitter after tweeting on January 6, the day of the Capitol Rebellion, that it was time for patriots to “fight for our freedom.”

Another attorney on Page’s legal team is John Pierce of Pierce Bainbridge.

“I am humble to be Carter Page’s lawyer and friend. Me and my company will fight for him with every fiber of our being until those who wronged him are fully brought to justice, ”he told Law360. “Nothing will distract us from completing this mission.”


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